Decrease risk by automating your accounting processes in Dynamics 365
AlfaPeople |
Aug 12, 2020

Decrease risk by automating your accounting processes in Dynamics 365

Have you ever considered how much time your administrative team spends on tedious, repetitive manual accounting processes every month? Time they could be spending on analysis tasks or tasks that have a relevant impact on your company?

When the volume of data in your company grows, attention to detail and manual processes have to grow at the same rate. The time invested in these activities can add up to many hours of work at the end of a fiscal period and some human errors can go unnoticed, leading to a series of other consequences.

Here at AlfaPeople, we have identified and automated 2 processes in Dynamics 365 for the Chilean market that will certainly help decrease risk and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your administrative area.

The first one oversees the control and automatic processing of the Receipt of Electronic Invoices, in which we have automated the process from end to end to eliminate human error in registration times and in the matching of information.

The second process is the elimination of the adjustment voucher for rounding up/down differences that take place during the calculation of taxes due to the handling of decimals in different purchasing and invoicing currencies, thus putting an end to this accounting practice.

Do you have a supplier that invoices your company using 3 or more decimals? How do you submit and reconcile the invoices with the SII (Chilean Internal Revenue Service)? Do you have accounting differences in the calculation of taxes in your Invoice Journals or Purchase Orders that you then must adjust manually? Do your rounding up/down rules not cover 100% of your cases?

Wouldn’t you like the validation and acceptance process to be automatic for invoices submitted to the SII? How many incorrect invoices have you had to pay without hiring any type of service just because you didn’t reject them on time? How many hours does your administrative team spend making sure invoices come with the right PO or Service Entry Sheet?

If any of these questions sound familiar and you’ve had to deal with them in the past, you can count on us to reach the next stage of your digital transformation by freeing your team of repetitive tasks, getting the most out of your Dynamics 365 solution and, above all, do it with the assistance of an expert in Microsoft technology.

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