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AI in practice – leverage AI for strategic growth in your organization!

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Explore the future with Microsoft AI technologies!

Discover the transformative potential of Microsoft AI technologies, exploring how AI, including Copilots and the Power Platform, can revolutionize the efficiency and workflows in your business. We will explore where technology meets business challenges to unlock innovation and growth.

This AI Assessment Workshop is about what AI can do; it´s a journey to pinpoint and address your organization´s specific challenges, streamlining processes for maximum impact.

Through design thinking and prioritization, we foster creativity and collaborative prioritization, focusing on AI-driven solutions that deliver the highest value.

Prepare to redefine problem-solving and seize opportunities with Microsoft AI, Copilot, and Power Platform´s capabilities.

Workshop Agenda:

Introduction to Microsoft technologies

(1 hour)

  • We will dive into the exciting world of Microsoft AI technologies, including Copilots.
  • We will explore how AI can supercharge the Power Platform, making everyday tasks smoother and more efficient.
  • Discover the capabilities of Azure AI services, where artificial intelligence meets real-world business challenges, opening many possibilities for innovation and growth.

Use Case Exploration

(3 hours)

  • We will present use cases from existing customers and projects to initiate idea generation for your organization´s needs.
  • We will discuss the challenges you face in your organization and processes today to identify use cases for your organization to use.
  • We will identify the top priorities for improvements, so you can focus your efforts where they´ll make the biggest impact.

Design Thinking

(2,5 hours)

  • Now, we will use the Design Thinking Methods to discuss how your company´s challenges can be solved with AI.
  • We will consider low-hanging fruits and other quick return on investment cases to solve.
  • We´ll build consensus and prioritize the most promising ideas, ensuring efforts are focused where they´ll drive the most value.

Organizational Readiness

(30 minutes)

  • In this session, we will explore the integration of AI technologies within your current system and data landscape, emphasizing the critical role of data quality for trustworthy AI insights.
  • We will discuss the essentials of change management and training, which are keys to navigating your team towards embracing AI and cultivating an ethos of ongoing improvement.
  • We will discuss the importance of governance structures and the foundation of ethical AI practices.

Roadmap and next steps

(1 hour)

  • We will conclude by summarizing what we have discussed in a roadmap for adoption in a plan to kick off your AI journey.
  • We will discuss key steps that your organization should consider when accelerating AI adoption.

Additional Information

  • You will understand Microsoft AI technology and the approach to identifying organizational challenges relevant to AI solutions.
  • You will learn how to scope and organize an AI project and what to consider regarding governance, security, and local law.

  • 8-hour workshop
  • Learning material
  • Roadmap, including the next steps
  • Training by certified AlfaPeople experts
  • Access to an AlfaPeople expert for one month after the workshop.

  • When you have booked the workshop, we will contact you shortly to set a date for the workshop.
  • We will also have a preparation call before the workshop to tailor the day exclusively for you.
  • The cost for the AI and Copilot Assessment Workshop varies. Please contact us for the price.

This workshop is tailored for the following teams.

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Business Development

AI and Copilot Assessment Workshop

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