Adobe leads in multi-channel campaign management
AlfaPeople |
Nov 09, 2017

Adobe leads in multi-channel campaign management

With the growing focus of companies on Martech (Marketing + Technology), the adoption of more complete and comprehensive tools for multi-channel campaigns is inevitable. That’s even more so in a moment when online platforms are multiplying, with diverse features and particularities. These tools provide MultiChannel Campaign Management (MCCM), allowing companies to plan, execute, automate and measure campaigns across multiple platforms, online and offline, in a unified way. Adobe, in recent Gartner studies, appears as the unequivocal leader of this segment of digital marketing products with Adobe Campaign.

While the budget dedicated to digital marketing continues to grow in all business segments, the demand for tools that centrally run and manage campaigns is increasing. According to Gartner, 45% of big companies already use some MCCM platform, and another 26% are looking for a solution. These companies look for a better alternative to a disconnected toolset they use to manage their campaigns, with a costly integration effort and poor insights.

The impacts of an MCCM solution are very real

Customers expect customization on all channels, with messages appropriate to the time of their purchase or relationship with the company. To reach the customer at the right time, in an automated and multi-channel way, an MCCM solution is critical. Gartner predicts that by 2018 companies with online personalization will sell 30% more than companies with limited personalization efforts. With so many channels that are so pervasive in the life of the modern customer, the companies that communicate naturally and in real-time will be able to be part of the life of the customer.

Adobe Campaign is the MCCM solution identified as a leader by Gartner in Campaign Creation, Campaign Orchestration, Campaign Execution and Campaign Measurement. With Adobe Campaign you can send messages to your customers through many channels such as e-mail and SMS, customizing content according to their profile, behavior, preferences, and needs. With nurturing and scoring features, and complex automation flows, the customer can be reached at the appropriate moment of its journey, assuring greater conversion. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe Campaign left behind SalesForce, Oracle, IBM and SAS solutions in these studies.

The growing integration between Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is distancing the platform from the other products even more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the features that position it as a CRM leader in Forrester Research, with sales, marketing, and services modules. The integrated vision of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Campaign data together, and the activation of business processes with the sales teams, assures a greater reach of marketing campaigns and a more complete segmentation.

AlfaPeople is a leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 project implementation, e is also an Adobe partner. Talk to us and learn how multi-channel campaign management with Adobe and Dynamics can help your business.