3 reasons why Power Apps is the undeniable king of quick professional app design
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Mar 31, 2020

3 reasons why Power Apps is the undeniable king of quick professional app design

Gone are the days when organizations had make big investments bespoke applications that kept them minimally up-to-speed with big competitors. With Microsoft Power Apps, your organization ? and team members of all levels ? can develop apps without major coding requirements. It?s all about Power Apps?s pre-configured templates!

In this blog post, we’ve made things simple for you. With Power Apps templates, consider these 3 reasons why Power Apps makes sense for you.

1. Gain a lot, spend a little, and unlock a world of business opportunity

Because of its versatility, Power Apps once deployed quickly becomes a major asset in any organization. As a simple out-of-the-box tool, it offers benefits instantly and at a low cost meaning big ROI for your business case! Then, you can next expect business management, productivity and efficiency levels to rise. Among its benefits, Power Apps:

  • Creates robust applications in a completely visual environment with little to no coding and thanks to pre-built templates
  • Integrates with other applications like Microsoft SQL, Server, Share Point and One Drive
  • Integrates with Office 365 suite, allowing you to exchange data through Dropbox, Google Docs, SAP, Oracle and Dynamics 365
  • Connects with different social media applications like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Compatible with all browsers and operating systems, allowing creation, configuration and usage patterns to be viewed from any device
  • Applications are built intuitively and are configured by dragging attributes and functions (in other words: next to no programming)
  • Stores data in the cloud, allowing you to view processes and obtain results and reports in real-time
  • Allows assertive decision-making, largely thanks to its interaction with other applications
  • Offers a high ROI (what could be more valuable than the ability to create apps within your company without having to resort to multiple and complex third-party software?)

2. Improve the way your company does business

With Power Apps, business management becomes more versatile, creative and effective way, as processes are optimized. How?

  • Model-driven apps are built from existing data and workflows.
  • Power Apps’ portals allow you to build applications from information that users outside the organization share and manipulate.
  • Canvas apps start with the user experience. A blank canvas can be customized by connecting it to over 200 different data sources, which can then be compiled to run on the web, mobile, or tablet.
  • Dynamics 365 apps are modeled and stored on CDS.

Applications developed in Power Apps are easily shared with all members of your organizations. Leaders make more timely and effective decisions, and employees act with greater empowerment. For example, a head of finance might require a report that shows purchases to be made across a given time frame for new computer equipment. He uses Power Apps to build an app with filters such as who prepares the budget, who authorizes it and when, based on company needs, should these purchases be made.

3. Increase productivity and enjoy unmatched ROI

Power Apps fuels the automation of processes and easily predicts their results with recently designed tools like AI Builder. This is a ready-made solution that allows you to take advantage of artificial intelligence by leveraging model and canvas applications. Many organizations are benefiting from improvements in process automation and their impact of resources optimization.

The right use of artificial intelligence also allows organizations to streamline their processes and take advantage of time, resources and agents in tasks that require greater precision or that can simply release the heavy work load. For example Virtual Agents, which are chat bots that can identify texts, objects and human sentiments. This information is transmitted to a client who is having the conversation with the bot, in a fluid and spontaneous way. While Virtual Agents identifies the client’s requirement, a human agent may be responding to a more urgent and complex case.

In summary, organizations today must be keeping up with the pace of change. For this to happen, app development has to be democratized! Power Apps from Microsoft is allowing exactly this, ensuring competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness for organizations of all sizes.

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