DeCar Automotive
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Jun 10, 2022

DeCar Automotive

Office 365 and Microsoft Intune

?DeCar was looking for a World Class solution in the market that would allow its users in offices and on the ground to maintain constant communication and collaboration, both with its collaborators, customers and suppliers.?

Business Needs

As a regional company of the automotive industry that started its operation in 2005 in Temuco, Ninth Region of Chile, Decar Automotive is currently representative of the Derco group for its eight automobile brands in the region. With a market share in the automotive market above the national average, the company is a market leader and was named Dealership of the Year its second year of the operation.

The automotive center has two modern branches in the region for the sale of new and used cars, trucks, technical service, accessories and spare parts, a whole package of products focused on excellence in service, quality and backing of the brand, and a comfortable and suitable workplace for its employees, who are the fundamental pillar in the company?s growth.

DeCar Automotive sought to solve virus and SPAM problems on their computers, which entered mainly through email. In addition, it needed to have an effective tool to minimize the volume of SPAM and viruses.?It also required a platform with centralized management for its computers.?DeCar did not have its own Active Directory for both fixed and field users and their computers required constant monitoring by a centralized system hosted on the Internet through a third party and under unified administration policies, and according to the role of each. It sought a?solution that would provide security, productivity and collaboration?for a market that is constantly changing, and with effective detection, containment and elimination of viruses that could contaminate the equipment by mail, pen drive or other means.

As part of its technological platform modernization plan,?DeCar was looking for a World Class solution in the market?that would allow its users in offices and on the ground to maintain constant communication and collaboration, both with its collaborators, customers and suppliers, in addition to decreasing the constant and increasing rate of virus and SPAM. This platform should protect the organization and the various devices from the different threats in the network and allow remote administration according to security and privacy policies for all the company?s equipment, regardless of where they are, along with configurations and filters required for proper, centralized, secure and up-to-date management.

With two physical facilities, both including sales processes and services, it was important for DeCar Automotive to establish proper communication and collaboration within their company. Therefore, productivity solutions were needed that generated value, a competitive edge and improved communicative capacity in instant messaging, documentary and social management, all solutions that allowed it to adapt to a social and mobile era and the constant changes of the market. This allowed the company to focus on activities that generate value in each activity and the organization.

The company did not have its own Active Directory, so the implementation of these solutions should allow the management and administration of applications and Firewall in the different devices without having a previous structure for the administration of their devices, allowing for decreased threats and protection against intrusions.


AlfaPeople deploys the?Microsoft Office 365 Suite?in DeCar Automotive, a bundle of cloud-based productivity solutions that?enable employees to be more productive and connect from virtually anywhere they find themselves with their work and / or personal devices. In addition, it will give you the latest updates, email security for spam, storage, synchronization and the possibility of sharing files online, always with updated documents, as well as instant messaging, social network (Yammer) and Skype connectivity, thus contributing to its technological modernization plan for constant communication and collaboration among its employees, customers and suppliers.

In addition,?Microsoft Intune?has been implemented for the?centralized management and administration of mobile devices and applications, with its own security policy, allowing for monitoring, protection against malware threats and execution of pre-stabilization and action plans for each computer. AlfaPeople provides training on all of the features of Office 365 and Microsoft Intune, such as cloud storage, backups and the opportunity to share files easily, which can be accessed from almost any Device, synchronized offline and without Internet connection.


Administration and protection of mobile devices and applications

DeCar will have the ability to enroll devices in Intune to be able to provision, configure and monitor the devices of each of its employees. In addition to publishing, inserting, configuring, protecting, monitoring and updating mobile applications, it will do so with the protection of e-mail and collaboration infrastructure so that devices and applications can access it over the internet, reducing threats of malware and protecting company data.

Maximazing productivity

Microsoft Intune enables DeCar Automotive to manage Office mobile applications by maximizing productivity and enabling its workforce to access corporate resources with familiar, easy-to-use applications while enforcing policies that can help prevent data leakage of the company.

Expanding collaboration of information and communication

Office 365 will allow you to improve and expand the collaboration of information and communication among your employees, suppliers and customers with security and reliability, as well as reduce the cost of ownership of your infrastructure by being hosted in the cloud, eliminating the administrative burden and system maintenance.