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Modern e-government tools for excellence in public service

Efficiency, agility and security in government

Gaps in technology and a strong resistance to modernize are delaying the inevitable: the digital transformation of public services. With state-of-the-art security features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government centralizes data, provides comprehensive insights into internal and external interactions, and sets clear pathways for agents to efficiently address cases and requests. Dynamics 365 for Government also empowers leadership teams to address budgetary and cost pressures with a range of financial and reporting tools. Explore some of the best public sector solutions on the market with leading Microsoft partner AlfaPeople!

Hilda Cristina lzate

Operations VP, Findeter

Hilda Cristina lzate

Operations VP, Findeter

“We felt very supported by AlfaPeople during the entire process since they understood precisely the needs of our organization and were able to efficiently manage the integration of processes across departments.”

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government

Delivering tried-and-tested business tools to government

Business technologies, driven by commercial competition, have transformed the private sector. On the other hand, deep-seated bureaucracy and a resistance to change have seen the public sector lag behind. Now, citizens are increasingly behaving like consumers and they no longer accept that public services cannot deliver the same type of instant, quality attention to their request and queries likes shops or businesses. Microsoft Dynamics 365 works seamlessly as a public sector software powered by add-ons, customizations, and consultancy with e-government experts like AlfaPeople.

Did you know?

By 202240% of customer-facing employees and government workers will consult daily an AI virtual support agent for decision or process support. *

*Gartner, 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2022, May 21 2018

Spotlight: Public Sector

The public sector has a poor reputation for its dependency on outdated technology, its lack of speed and transparency, and its reliance on paper-based processes. Today, citizens want secure and instant access to government services and information. As a Microsoft partner specializing in technology for the public sector, AlfaPeople has worked extensively with organizations in places like Chile and Colombia on high-impact projects that address internal processes, databasing precision and compliance with local regulations. In the context of growing connectivity and demand for improvements in public services, public organizations need synchronized, traceable and efficient tools.

How Dynamics 365 works for government

Public sector organizations need integral solutions to their immediate and long-term challenges, both on an operational and financial level. Dynamics 365 is a powerful software solution for government agencies seeking to make a clean switch from paper-heavy bureaucracy to smart digital government. With tools to address daily case management right through to an entitys financial and regulatory obligations, Dynamics 365 for Government helps public entities across the world to deliver improved engagement with stakeholders.

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Improve services with data and process integration

At its core, Dynamics 365 for Government centralizes data and interactions into a single, secure system that allows agents to provide concise service delivery. From complaint and case management to registration and licensing, Dynamics 365 for public sector organizations empowers your employees to operate from a centralized and intelligent interface, eliminating double-keying and ensuring agents engage as effectively as possible with citizens, businesses, providers and the community at large.

Improve financial efficiency and transparency

A key benefit of e-government software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government is its potential to meet your organizations cost and budgetary pressures. Either through its automation and self-service functions which reduce time pressures on agents, or its specific finance and operation tools for improved reporting and transparency, Dynamics 365 helps public sector organization to address the enormous financial and monetary challenges they face.

Comply with privacy and security obligations

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you own your data! Public service software requires strong privacy controls including access restrictions and data repositories, to ensure your data does not mix with that of other organizations. For Cloud-based customers, Microsoft delivers unrivaled encryption and security features, which are monitored around-the-cloud by Microsoft security experts.

Whats life like in the Cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a gateway for the Public Sector to access Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of global workforces needing a live, single view of the customer. With Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud system) and Office 365, power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, offering users independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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