AlfaPeople customers at the top of IT Leaders 2016
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Dec 20, 2016

AlfaPeople customers at the top of IT Leaders 2016

With the survey IT Leaders 2016, a ranking was made that lists the 100 leaders in Technology and Innovation for IT in Brazil. The ranking, in its 16º edition already, was created with the purpose of showing the best managers of the year, with the criteria considering its innovative solutions during the time.

The research method applied by Computerworld consisted of a questionnaire of 80 questions, answered by about 1400 CIOs in Brazil, of whom only 239 were accepted.

During the last years, the corporate world has witnessed the gradual rise of innovation born from evident technological engagement, that is, technology is bringing innovation to the way companies work, changing products and optimizing processes.

The managers with an innovative profile have, as their main characteristic, the focus on the best solution for the customer, aiming for maximum satisfactions since the first contact all the way to the after-sales.

In this scenario AlfaPeople, the biggest Microsoft partner for Dynamics 365 in Latin America, has contributed with its offers, implementing vertical solutions and providing high-quality services. This can be attested by the presence of tens of AlfaPeople customers at the IT Leaders 2016 list.

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