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Precise information when it counts. With Power BI to a data-driven culture.

2020-08-24T09:50:14-05:00August 24th, 2020|

A central component of Microsoft Power BI, in addition to the familiar reporting topics, also includes the creation and maintenance of a data culture. The simplicity of programs such as Microsoft Excel makes simple data analysis possible for everyone, and of course, users worldwide have taken advantage of this opportunity to analyze information independently. Thus, [...]

Bring out your teams’ assertive side with simple, cost-effective business automation tools from Microsoft Power Platform

2020-04-17T09:14:27-05:00April 17th, 2020|

Microsoft's Power Platform is a suite of digital business tools that allows you to create apps as well as customized workflows, data analytics and more. Power Platform is comprised of three main tools: Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate. As a solution platform, it is focused on covering several aspects of successful business operations: [...]

Data is the new gold? Not so fast

2020-08-05T08:47:36-05:00June 17th, 2019|

They say data is the new gold – as in, the valuable information that allows businesses to make smart decisions and grow bottom lines. There's also a lot of it (unlike the precious metal). Here’s the problem... Retail businesses produce a ton of data. It flows in from multiple sources (social media, point-of-sale transactions, inventory [...]

How Power BI Creates Data Magic for Retail CIOs

2020-08-05T08:50:58-05:00April 15th, 2019|

Power BI (Business Intelligence) gives retail Chief Information Officers, or CIOs, the tools they need to manage all their data effectively. Here's the thing: siloed ERP and CRM data solutions worked well — once. However, with the overwhelming amount of data retailers need to manage, a streamlined, centralized BI system has become the CIO's all-essential data [...]

Unleash the true power of your point of sale (POS) system

2020-08-03T12:33:09-05:00August 20th, 2018|

Your Point of Sale (POS) software enables fast and efficient retail transactions. Customers love the convenience of swiping their card or smartphone to pay for the sleek purse, suede sneakers or custom-fit jacket. But there’s so much more your POS can do for you… Unlock the full potential of your POS software — and retail [...]

Dynamics 365 spring update boasts more value and features for users

2020-08-05T09:19:53-05:00April 5th, 2018|

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Dynamics 365 Spring update is now available, and the new feature set makes this upgrade worthwhile. There are some particularly useful and productive tools in the update that can quickly create ROI and should be considered as a business decision. In this brief, we explore some of the new features that stand out. One [...]

Where do you stand in the digital economy – Thriving or surviving?

2020-08-03T07:38:51-05:00January 24th, 2018|

Increasing numbers of businesses, even entire industries, are shifting toward predominantly digital experiences – the digital economy. Some, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Uber, practically owe their existence to online transactions. Are you prepared for similar growth, or struggling to survive? What is the digital economy? Digital data has played a supporting role in the [...]

Discover new opportunity in better business intelligence

2020-08-03T08:38:18-05:00April 7th, 2017|

Having business intelligence resources to develop greater insight from in-house data is a powerful asset for informed decision-making. But imagine the advantages of expanding that intelligence to identify and act upon entirely new data and patterns available beyond the scope of your existing operations. Now, it is easier than ever to unleash your analytical creativity [...]

What makes Power BI the market leader according to Gartner

2020-08-05T09:27:50-05:00March 15th, 2017|

AlfaPeople has always invested in Microsoft technologies for Business Intelligence & Analytics, welcoming the surprise of Power BI’s great performance in the last years. The first version was release in September 2013 and named Power BI for Office 365. At first it was based on Microsoft Excel supplements: Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View. [...]

Learn how to better use your data with Power BI

2020-08-05T09:31:41-05:00December 6th, 2016|

Using Power BI Desktop, the tool provided by Microsoft with its online service, allows users to view interactive reports on the cloud by accessing specific queries or by preparing the model directly with Power BI Desktop as it allows direct access to views or tables where the information source is located. These 2 alternatives have [...]

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