DSB chooses AlfaPeople for a new customer service solution
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Apr 01, 2016

DSB chooses AlfaPeople for a new customer service solution

DSB has completed a tender to find the best supplier of a new customer service solution. AlfaPeople were chosen because of their years of experience with customer service solutions based on the Microsoft platform, but AlfaPeople’s experience with cloud-based solutions was also part of the reason behind this choice.

The purpose of this new customer service solution is for DSB’s customers to experience a qualitative leap forwards when dealing with enquiries, while it simultaneously carries out productivity improvements through automation of internal working procedures.

An important element in the new customer service solution is to collect all information from a wide range of trade-systems, which customer service employees today have to consult in order to solve a specific customer enquiry. At the same time, a series of systems will be completely replaced by the new customer service solution, resulting in larger savings on DSB’s running IT costs.

Besides collecting all relevant information in one system and relieving and automating a series of working procedures, the new customer service solution also brings a range of new possibilities. This includes e.g. the possibility for better reporting and statistics, as well as an easier way of responding to enquiries directly via social media, such as Facebook in the coming customer service solution.

The new customer service solution will be implemented in stages throughout 2016, thus continually introducing employees to the new possibilities and allowing DSB to gradually improve their customer service.

The solution will be a close collaboration between AlfaPeople, DSB IT, and key individuals in DSB’s customer service. The solution will be based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and closely integrated with DSB’s existing Microsoft-based platform. Besides integration with a series of existing trade systems within DSB, the solution has to work with DSB’s phone carrier solution.

The contract between AlfaPeople and DSB runs for 4 years, where AlfaPeople, besides implementing the solution itself, is in charge of support and the continuous maintenance of the solution as well.

“AlfaPeople are very interested in collaborating with DSB, since our shared mission is to create measurable improvements of the use of IT tools. A project of this size is an important victory for AlfaPeople, and the fact that we also, together with Microsoft, again beat some of our greatest competitors, is just a confirmation of the fact that our solutions appeal to the customers,” says Claus Hansen, Group COO.

About AlfaPeople:

AlfaPeople is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner who provides solution advice and implementation services that connects transactions, relations, collaboration, and Business Intelligence. We combine local strength with international impact, and challenge companies to maximise the value of their IT-investments.

AlfaPeople is CRM Partner of the Year in 2015. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner on ERP and CRM, as well as approved members of Microsoft Dynamic’s “Inner Circle” and Microsoft’s “President’s club”.