AlfaPeople becomes Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
AlfaPeople |
May 23, 2016

AlfaPeople becomes Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

We are pleased to announce that AlfaPeople has now been approved as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. This means we can now offer our customers a simpler and more coherent experience with Microsoft’s cloud solutions. A CSP partnership allows us to safeguard the entire process, and offer both direct sale of Microsoft Cloud services as well as customer support and invoicing.

One contract and one invoice

AlfaPeople is an approved so-called Tier 1 partner. This means that we buy the licences directly from Microsoft and do not include licence partners in the process. Mads Møgelvang Nielsen, Director of Operations in AlfaPeople, says:

“With a CSP approval of AlfaPeople, we can now offer our customers an overall solution, which can be scaled up or down on a monthly basis. They only have to deal with one contract and one invoice, while at the same time we are now able to give them a more consistent experience with direct contact and support. In other words, we now have the opportunity to deliver an even better solution to our customers. That is pretty fantastic, not least for our customers.”

Strict requirements

Microsoft has a series of strict requirements for a company to be approved for a CSP partnership:

  • We have to look after the entire sales process ourselves, so that our customers have a simpler purchasing experience and do not need to deal with licence partners.
  • We can bring added value to the customer, with our portfolio of value-adding services that build on Microsoft Cloud.
  • We must be able to provide a competent and professional level of service in the local language. The customers use us as a ‘single point of contact’ when they have questions regarding delivery, help, and procedures.
  • We have to be able to step in as adviser regarding strategic decisions, if need be.
  • Furthermore, we are responsible for the monthly invoicing and for controlling credit risks and collections. Basically, something that just ensures better solutions for our customers.

More options and flexibility

With a CSP partnership through Microsoft, it becomes easier for our customers to utilise the advantages of Microsoft’s cloud solutions. You get more options by being able to scale up or down on a monthly basis, depending on what you prefer and need. For instance, it may be relevant for a customer service department that has season-based or monthly fluctuations. Furthermore, the monthly voicing will contain all products and services, both from Microsoft and AlfaPeople. All in all, this solution provides more variety and budget security.

IT-solutions should be in the cloud

Claus Hansen, Sales Director in AlfaPeople, says:

“Today’s customers increasingly expect their IT-solutions to be handled in “the cloud”, and they expect to be able to buy this service from a single distributor. This is a tendency that will not just continue, but likely accelerate with time. The fact that AlfaPeople is approved for a CSP partnership, means that Microsoft acknowledges our capacity to bring added value to our customers and to step in as a strategic adviser in their Dynamics projects. We are very proud of this.”

AlfaPeople is not only approved as a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider. We are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner on ERP and CRM, as well as approved members of Microsoft Dynamic’s “Inner Circle” and Microsoft’s “President’s club”. Furthermore, we are the CRM Partner of the Year in 2015.