Interview with Marcelo Barroso
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Jun 28, 2022

Interview with Marcelo Barroso

Comercial Mananger
Dynamics 365

Microcity is an outsourcing company for assets and services for IT infrastructure. It is the largest PCaaS (Hardware as a Service) company in Brazil, with 34 years’ market experience and 5 regional offices. It also stands out for its organizational culture, people management and the quality of its relationship with customers, employees, and partners.

“Over these years, we can consider AlfaPeople’s role as one of the true business partners, always supporting us in all our needs, with a relationship of trust and quality in service delivery.”

Tell me a little bit about you and your role at Microcity.

My name is Marcos, I am the sales coordinator at Microcity, I have been here for seven years and I am responsible for the CRM in the company.

How did you first come across AlfaPeople?

We had a recommendation from a former employee and started the partnership at version 4.0 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Since then, CRM has been used more and more by Microcity in several areas of business.

Which version of Microsoft Dynamics did you start with?

From version 4.0 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 2013, and today we are on the online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our use of the tool at Microcity has followed how the solution has evolved over the years. After migrating to the 2013 release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 made more features available. In this way, we have extended the use of the features with greater quality and gains in productivity in business processes as supported by CRM.

In what areas is Microsoft Dynamics used?

The sales force is the main user, with integrations for the financial, pre-sales and projects, and marketing areas. It is used by the entire commercial team, such as salespeople, managers and commercial assistants with around 70 licenses, enabling a more complete kind of commercial management, greater productivity and better monitoring of business goals and results.

What Dynamics functions do you consider to be of paramount importance?

Today Dynamics is considered essential for sales, and with it we have managed lead management and opportunities via panels and dashboards. In addition, in Dynamics we have control of all the processes, from lead generation to closing opportunities, through the Business Process Flow. Microcity has a very extensive sales process, with several phases, which are now guided by the Dynamics interface with all the steps controlled automatically.

How have you experienced the evolution of Dynamics 365 at Microcity?

At Microcity, we use the analogy: “we left behind a Beetle and went on to a Ferrari” when comparing previous versions. CRM has become so important that it has enabled us to roll it out in other areas, integrating sales, marketing, pre-sales and projects.

Could you name any benefits from using the tool

The benefits are numerous, but we can simplify it down to one word: control. Today we have greater control of the stage the leads are at, based on the qualification; on pre-sales status, improving how much time is being spent for each opportunity; on customer documentation, avoiding pending documentation; among others.

What was the impact of using the tool like

We started to have a CRM culture, which Is very important among the users. We did away with parallel controls in spreadsheets, centralizing all the data in Dynamics 365. We have created a rich base of information that provides all the employees with a 360º vision of the accounts for decision making with correct, accessible information in real time.

Does Microcity have any future needs?

Microcity is always looking for improvement, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is constantly evolving to make these changes possible. We are evolving a lot with other Microsoft technologies, such as Power BI, and integrating legacy ERP systems.

What would you consider AlfaPeople’s role is over the coming years?

Over these years, we can consider AlfaPeople’s role as one of true business partners, always supporting us in all our needs, with a relationship of trust and quality in service delivery.