Interview with Chris Gray
AlfaPeople |
Jun 28, 2022

Interview with Chris Gray

Vice President
Managed Services

Founded in 1968, Swiss Farms is America’s Drive-Thru Market! Swiss Farm’s Stores have provided farm-fresh products to its customers in a fast and extra-convenient way since 1968. The original chain of 10 drive-through stores located in Delaware County was founded by the Lebanon, PA based Wengert’s Dairy as an additional channel for distribution of its #1 rated milk products. Today, Swiss Farms operates independently of the dairy, carrying many of their high-quality products in all the stores. Swiss Farms’ product line includes fresh prepared meals, farm fresh milk, all-natural juices and drinks, eggs, bread, butter, snacks, other staple items along with fresh coffee!

What was Swiss Farms looking for in the realm of Managed Services?

We sought out both a vendor and partner who understood our business and was fully aware of the importance of continuous availability of our IT-services and support of our businesses critical processes. We needed a partner who not only had the capabilities to support our existing solution, but also had a strong team of specialists, enabling us to focus on our core business.

Why did Swiss Farms choose AlfaPeople as their Managed Services vendor?

AlfaPeople has both senior and local resources, which is exactly what our team was looking for. Their flexible business model which we tailored to fit our needs and budget was helpful as well. Besides managing support activities, AlfaPeople’s Managed Services team also supports roll-outs of new releases, proactive support, operational support, incident management, and more. This was very appealing to us.

How did AlfaPeople alleviate Swiss Farms’ support challenges?

AlfaPeople has alleviated many of our challenges by applying senior resources in our time zone. The industry and solution knowledge of their team creates immense trust and close relationships between our organizations, from support to management, which is what we needed for our business. With AlfaPeople, we have a single point of contact, who proactively follows up with us and provides a seamless Managed Services experience for our team.

What is one of your favorite elements of AlfaPeople’s Managed Services process?

One of our favorite elements is the dedicated and communication level we have experienced with the AlfaPeople experts and their management team. We feel we received the desired attention and have always been able to reach out to anyone in their organization. Whether we had general questions outside of specific tasks, or needed status updates, we have always received timely responses.

What other services does AlfaPeople offer, which can support your IT infrastructure?

AlfaPeople offers a wide array of benefits, including direct access to support of business applications, proactive and predictive monitoring services, and support for roll-outs of new releases. Overall, we feel AlfaPeople has a strong team of qualified experts who are well equipped to handle any and all of our support needs, and answer any questions we may have in a timely manner.

How long have you been working with AlfaPeople?

We have worked with AlfaPeople since 2011. Since that time (7 years), there has been no issues or escalation points with their team of specialists. As mentioned before, we feel we are provided the best proactive support available for our industry and organization with AlfaPeople, as application management is completely out of our hands. We can optimize and implement new functionalities, when needed.

Why was AlfaPeople’s approach the best one?

AlfaPeople’s approach was the best for us because we needed to have a vendor who both fit our timeline and budget and had the desired industry knowledge. We also felt that there has always been an immense amount of transparency from the AlfaPeople team, which was very refreshing for us.

How has AlfaPeople contributed to your overall business?

AlfaPeople has, without issue, supported our systems and implementations. Their packaged service offerings and pay-as-you-go support services allow us to stay within our budget and determine what we need. Above all, the ability to have a cost-effective support umbrella that meets our requirements and budget is appealing.

How does this help you stay competitive?

Having a strong support partner allows us to stay competitive with ongoing access to business applications. Without this, revenues and reputation can suffer. To stay competitive, we realize we need flexible and tailored services at all time. If an issue surfaces, there must be a reliable team of experts, on hand to solve it immediately. This is vital to our core operations.

How does this support service help your internal teams thrive?

Having a single point of contact allows us to have a better flow of communication. Our internal teams can maintain control of communications with their point of contact while knowing someone is working to quickly resolve the issue. To add, this provides us with a great amount of reassurance.