Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail: Change your business model for the future
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May 20, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail: Change your business model for the future

We are going through many uncertainties since the coronavirus pandemic began to spread around the world. Businesses had to reinvent themselves to survive. The retail industry, for instance, also had to innovate to overcome the new challenges presented by these ever-changing times.

In the last two years, e-commerce sales have significantly increased and have become the flagship of many ventures. However, we are currently seeing the gradual return of consumers to the stores and, therefore, the resumption of on-site sales.

To understand consumer needs in this new scenario, it is necessary to adapt the virtual and in-person sales environment, offering new technologies that can set your business up for success. Let’s see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail can help you!

Understand the challenges of the retail sector

The challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers have accelerated at staggering speed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The last two years were filled with many uncertainties but, even with the decrease in purchasing power, retailers knew how to reinvent themselves and adapt to the use of technology.

It is necessary to understand that e-commerce is here to stay and that physical and virtual environments must merge to attract consumers. Furthermore, retailers need to study and understand the new consumer profile, which can be challenging, but also boost the creation of new businesses.

According to Donato Ferreira, AlfaPeople’s Microsoft Business Apps Sales Specialist, “by offering multichannel solutions to better serve your consumer market journeys, thus building loyalty and providing excellent service, you will consequently generate greater profitability for your business model. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a technology platform that can integrate with other systems and sustain your business growth”.

One of the best technology platform solutions on the market is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. Let’s learn more about it!

Discover Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail

The main function of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is to simplify operations at all levels of work, bringing together digital operations and points of sale to personalize and optimize the customer experience, and increase employee productivity.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables retailers to create exceptional and engaging shopping experiences”, says Donato Ferreira. “This platform can offer a single view of the customer, with no gaps or duplication across channels.”

What are the benefits of the solution?

There are a series of benefits that are important for your company and your employees to have a unique experience. You can easily connect and unify retail experiences, while always putting the customer at the center of attention.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps companies customize the solution so that it is always up to date with the changes that are constantly happening in the retail world. It has cutting-edge technology that assists with connectivity between the retailer and its customers, creating a link between applications and services that aim to improve the consumer experience.

The solution also allows you to create more dynamic and intuitive tools, such as loyalty and retention programs, facilitated product returns, more intuitive customer service channel, customer experience management, and much more!

The benefits even extend to employee training, analysis of store operations, better management of the entire financial department, loss and fraud prevention, and account protection. “These features can be configured the way the retailer wants, allowing them to select the option that best fits their needs”, complements Donato.

What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail unique?

One of the main differentials of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is the Customer Service module, which enables companies to deliver an excellent customer experience for their consumers. The solution allows businesses to record their interactions with consumers and, in this way, they can customize and optimize the experience offered by their employees.

The agent’s experience is the soul of customer service in the application. The idea is to allow agents to handle multiple sessions simultaneously and be able to interact with multiple applications without losing context and improving workflow. The Omnichannel functionality for Customer Service offers a set of features that aim to expand the reach of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail, allowing retailers to connect and engage with their customers across all service channels.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail work?

In a practical way, the platform works by simplifying operations at all levels. As retail companies deal with sophisticated business solutions through demand generation, collaborative operations, and shopping experience with integrated customer service offering, the path to its adoption becomes more complex, requiring study and usage planning.

When frontline workers are equipped with intuitive technology, they help shape the business, generate new ideas, and deliver a better customer experience. With access to customer’s history and preferences, you can create a better customer experience, view store inventory to improve internal operations, and use mobile devices to streamline your work.

Who is the system suitable for?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is suitable for companies that want to create and consolidate their marketplace. Mainly, those who seek to go beyond the simple solution of service to their customers and partners. The platform’s flexibility allows for quick project deliveries — around a month — or even more elaborate and complex projects, so that the business solution evolves as the company wishes.

How to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail?

The platform offers a full range of solutions that adapt to each other. The tool must be implemented so that Dynamics 365 applications work together, seeking a solution that encompasses the entire enterprise.
AlfaPeople offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and support services to help your company with the use and adoption of business technologies. Furthermore, our experts help you to identify, build, and support unique processes through continuous and specific journeys for each client. Founded in Denmark in 2005, AlfaPeople currently operates in 14 countries, with more than 4,000 projects implemented in a variety of industries in the US and across the globe.

Tell us more about your business challenges and let our experts help you with a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation!