I have been working as AlfaPeople Business Consultant for many years now. My main focus is on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX, ERP function). In my activities for AlfaPeople, I advise medium-sized companies as well as enterprise customers in areas procurement, purchasing, and production, as well as logistics and distribution, and support them in the implementation and expansion of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

I started my work at AlfaPeople several years ago and still find it very interesting.

Then as now, new colleagues are welcomed with open arms into the team and are given every possible support. We work together in project teams, in which each person has a key focus area. Nobody is restricted to their area of specialty and can, therefore, develop individually. But even in one’s own area, work is never boring because each new project has new and completely different requirements. This is partly due to the fact that AlfaPeople serves different industries and that customers face wide-ranging challenges within the industries. While serving the company, I have gained much knowledge and experience in the textile and retail sectors, our focus industries, as well as in the chemical, food or metal sectors. These are the resources which I can tap into in my interesting and varied work.

What is interesting for me is the cooperation and the exchange with our colleagues from other AlfaPeople countries such as the USA, Denmark, Switzerland or our partners in Italy. The English language is crucial for this cooperation. Not much could happen without it.

The role of a business consultant involves traveling, which has already taken me to various regions of Germany, but also to countries like France, Denmark, the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland – both for customer appointments, such as project work at the customer’s premises, or for my own further training. AlfaPeople gives me the opportunity to work in international teams and also to exchange ideas with colleagues in other countries. These encounters are always interesting challenges.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations projects are anything but mindless and I am always learning something new. Each new version brings along new and interesting requirements. With each new customer or subproject, I gain new and interesting experiences.

The AlfaPeople team consists of colleagues who work from their home office, in customer projects on-site or in the Herford and Berlin locations. Despite the distance, we join together in regular calls; we can contact our colleagues if we have problems or questions, an easy thing with modern communication paths such as e-mail or Skype. The teams who work at the customer’s place usually meet up in the evenings, but no one is obliged to join if they don’t want to. At our local AlfaPeople offices, we often have spontaneous get-togethers for food or other activities. It’s interesting to share with young and older colleagues – it is always enjoyable to work with an AlfaPeople team.

To this day I find pleasure in using my knowledge to the best advantage of our customers.

Doing so is an interesting challenge because you have to address the diverse requirements of the different divisions and integrate them. I, therefore, discuss the existing processes with customers and try to implement them in the best possible way with Dynamics 365 and, if a standard solution does not fit, to define the necessary extensions. In today’s world, we are looking at existing systems that need to be replaced and/or integrated into the new ERP solution. We do not consider CRM and ERP as separate systems, but as a single entity. Again, this is an interesting new challenge for me – there is much I can learn. The AlfaPeople team has the right expertise in all these areas, which is why I have a positive outlook for the future and look forward to the next projects.

Business Consultant at AlfaPeople