Social Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Microsoft Social Engagement challenges can be transformed into new opportunities. In a socially connected world you can interact with your customers anywhere, anytime. Microsoft Social Engagement provides (useful) tools for your personnel — Social Engagement supports you in gaining knowledge about what people think about your company and ensures proactive communication via diverse channels with customers, fans and critics. Efter vores mening er det netop den del, der bringer initiativet til succes! Endelig er det en fejl, at de bruger meget lidt tid på at forberede organisationen på forandringen, hvilket er en afgørende faktor for projektets succes.

Social Engagement is available as an Extension / Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or as a Standalone solution.


What is posted in the internet about my company, my brands and/ or products? Social Listening (the core module of Microsoft Social Engagement) helps you to bridge the knowledge gap. With this tool you can effectively analyse what is being said about you:

Experience how people really think and feel about your company (72% of all Internet-users are active in social media. Too many to be ignored.) Some of the things which are worth hearing:Read More

  • What do the people think about your products and/or your brands?
  • What does a certain person from your company say? E.g.: your CEO
  • Or what does your competition say and how can you stand out in it?


Many companies do not follow posts related to them in the social media. As a result you cannot immediately register an increasing customer dissatisfaction, which can sometimes result in loss of customers, increased competitive pressure, decline in sales and worse. Listen and analyse the mood. On the basis of the data and information gained, you are always informed about the mood of the prospects, customers, fans, partners and your critics.Read More

  • See who is saying what on which channel?
  • Separate your advocates from the opponents and carry out your activities in a target-oriented way.
  • Analyse data and find out what kind of market resonance has been achieved. On the basis of this analysis, you can determine how to proceed further.

Engage yourself
Did you know that almost every second company ignores the messages, feedbacks and posts of customers in social media channels?

  • Use the social web as your tool in order to gain useful information about your customers.
  • Be proactive and rush on ahead of the great as well as negative sentiments.
  • Be a part of the companies which accept the challenges of modern technology and operate on all channels.


Microsoft Social Engagement is an efficient tool in dealing with social media. it supports your thematic analyses of public opinion trends in social media. The Social Engagement offers the following opportunities:



    • Social-Buying-Signals are a direct opportunity for sales. In addition, the trends can be identified from the entire data.
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  • Monitor your Key-Accounts and take a decision on the basis of the information gathered
  • Gain important knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


    • Identify at an early stage whether there is a threat of damaging the brand image and implement the necessary steps on time.
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  • Identify the effects of different opinion makers, prioritise them as per their importance and process them.
  • Analyse the contributions to your campaign and adjust them in real time.
  • Community Manager can use this platform to communicate with customers and Fans via Twitter and Facebook.


    • Listen actively to the customer via social networks and respond to them proactively.
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  • Set warning notifications (alerts) in order to detect potential problems at an early stage before they can transform into real problems.
  • Respond to customer requests and posts via Facebook, Twitter and directly through Microsoft Social Engagement.

Global availability

Microsoft Social Engagement is available for 109 regions and for 20 languages.


  • Follow posts on all channels.
  • Resource savings.
  • Rapid response.
  • Pay back / Amortisation.
  • Knowing what is being said about you in the market.
  • Cost savings through early adaptation.
  • One-time investment.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Winning of new customers.
  • Image improvement and gaining attention.
  • Keeping an eye on the competition and standing out in it.