How technology can help prepare for post-pandemic success

How technology can help prepare for post-pandemic success


If lockdown has taught us one thing it has highlighted our need as humans to interact, communicate, engage and to do so face-to-face. The events & exhibitions industry was one of the first to be greatly disrupted a result of Covid-19, but is keen to fire right back up.

According to the Professional Convention Management Association (PMCA) 66% of events have been postponed to next year, showcasing the hope in the industry post-pandemic. (Source:

Technology must play a crucial part.

Join our AlfaPeople Events Teams & Microsoft to discuss the impacts of Covid-19 on the events industry and learn more about how digital transformation can play a part in preparing your organization for the future.


  • In what ways has the events industry been changed (at the forefront and behind the scenes)?
  • How can I prepare my events organization for success post-pandemic?
  • An example of a model infrastructure for a global events company.