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Work efficiently with your User Adoption

AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring delves into the factual user pattern of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution allowing you to gain insights into your user’s behavior to pinpoint exactly where to work efficiently with your user adoption and thereby increase the ROI on your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. On top of this you can define the best combination of Dynamics licenses and become GDPR compliant. Take your next step with Dynamics 365 and AlfaPeople’s Usage Monitoring service!

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Work efficiently with your User Adoption

Read how Viking Life-Saving Equipment drives successful user adoption with AlfaPeople’s Usage Monitoring service for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution. And on top of that they are now also able to define the best combination of licenses with factual insights into their user’s behavior and become GDPR compliant.

Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S is a global market leader in maritime, offshore and fire safety equipment with headquarters in Esbjerg in Denmark. Hear how Henrik Abildgaard, Global IT Manager collaborates with AlfaPeople.

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Instant cost and governance benefits with AlfaPeople’s Usage Monitoring

AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring collects insights and produces analysis about user behavior within your Dynamics 365 platform. The tool can be used across multiple scenarios. We’ve identified 3 areas where the Usage Monitoring can bring huge value to your organization:

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Get even more out of your Dynamics CRM solution

Now, more than ever it is necessary to optimize your business – especially at the company’s ongoing costs, which probably can be easily reduced by going through them thoroughly.

Listen in on this 25-minute on-demand webinar and learn how your company can optimize your user adoption, define the best combination of Dynamics licenses and become GDPR compliant – all with AlfaPeople’s Usage Monitoring service.

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How our Usage Monitoring works?

“I need to be able to see exactly what each user does in our sales system – or doesn’t do. Not because we want to supervise that person but because we want to be able to help them, fix problems and gain more knowledge about our global sales process.”

Henrik Abildgaard, Global IT Manager at Viking Life-Saving Equipment

Henrik Abildgaard

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* Prosci® 2018 Benchmarking Data.

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