Power Apps: Easily Create Business Applications Whitepaper's Cover

Power Apps: Easily Create Business Applications

Enterprise mobility addresses the development and deployment of mobile computing and cloud computing solutions on the desktop. Cloud lets you access files or programs from any device connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world, whenever you need it. That is, enterprise mobility facilitates remote access and sharing of files and resources through tablets and mobile phones authorized to access the company network.

This rapid advancement of mobility has given businesses a challenge, such as harnessing the great potential of mobile technologies and translating this into real results for businesses. In addition to the technological advancement, enterprise mobility is one of the great trends of a new style of work and offers reduced costs for the company, increased productivity and a better quality of life for employees.

Nowadays most of the companies that seek to use this technology have not yet been able to extract the full potential it is capable of, because exploiting mobility is exploiting all new technology waves.

Thinking about this new scenario we prepare this whitepaper, which explains what Power Apps is, what its characteristics are, advantages and how to apply it to your business. Be sure to read!