CRM and Machine Learning Whitepaper's Cover

CRM and Machine Learning:
Understanding How the Two Relate and Possible Applications

A business manager may assume that he knows everything about CRM. Until a technology specialist confronts him with more information about it, and how you can optimize it. He will then understand that there’s a universe much more complex than he thought and full of opportunities involving one of the most important solutions in their industry.

CRM can be more than a platform for customer management, an environment for registering contacts and identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It can also be the most strategic and rich source of business data for your Machine Learning and Business Intelligence (BI) efforts.

It will identify new features and applications, not just from the perspective of the IT specialist, but from all other sectors connected to the customer experience, which will have valuable insights for business success and integration.

Contrary to how Machine Learning is portrayed in the movies, in its current state it’s not a threat to the human race, but a massive contribution to identifying trends and business opportunities.

Machine Learning uses algorithms to interact with data changes and differences with the help of analytical models, finding hidden insights without necessarily being programmed with labels and constraints. Incredible, isn’t it? And what about the possibility of these two solutions working in an integrated way in your company?

This is the focus of this e-book and also the current reality of the most competitive companies in their markets. Register and make a thorough reading of this e-book and prepare your next innovations. Have a good reading!