Pretty Graphs, Gritty Data

14 September 2017 – 4pm | UK

Why Every Marketing Director Needs Power BI in their Life

There’s simply nothing better in marketing than a good graph, however too often the prettiest, most colorful and enticing little graphs, whilst pretty, tell us ‘pretty much’ nothing.

Thankfully, Microsoft is here to challenge the status quo with their ultimate pretty graph, gritty data platform: Power BI.

Join Sophie Miller, Marketing Manager at AlfaPeople UK to find out more about one of the best reporting platforms that IT has brought us yet.


1. Introduction: Turning reporting from bane to gain
2. Overview of benefits: Why bother?
3. Data Sources: Connections to Dynamics 365, Google Analytics and Beyond.
4. Demonstration: Quick overview of marketing reports
5. Conclusion

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Sophie Miller – Marketing Manager
Sophie is the Marketing Manager at AlfaPeople, supplying information on Microsoft Business Solutions to potential customers globally and managing marketing communications for the United Kingdom.