Improving User Experience in Dynamics 365

21st Nov – 11 am | Chile

Version 9.0 of Dynamics 365 introduced a new user experience: a unified interface that uses dynamic web design principles to provide an ideal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size or device.

The main aim of this Dynamics 365 functionality is to offer complete user experience, whether they are in a browser, or on a tablet or phone. With responsive design, new optimized navigation and shortcuts to favorites and recent elements can be created, and improved tab and form usability and visibility.

View Dynamics 365 on a single screen across different applications to have all the information handy and consistent across all devices. Motivate your service teams to deliver seamless service experience with easy and intuitive access to data.

Don’t miss our webinar where we will show you how the new interface looks, how to activate and configure it to optimize your business processes, be more productive, and how having control on a single screen empowers your team to provide memorable service experiences to your client.

A better user experience = better customer service experience!

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