Technology solutions for your key processes
AlfaPeople |
May 30, 2017

Technology solutions for your key processes

When we talk about technology solutions for companies, it is important to understand that we’re referring to business solutions. We must point this out, because we’re not just talking about a software solution that will be used to store data, instead, we mean a tool that provides support to users within a company in order to complete/improve key business processes for said company.

A company doesn’t decide to invest in a product simply because it is the latest technology that attempts to improve sales or standardize certain service processes; they decide to make investments when they see that a business process needs more technological support, support that cannot be covered by the resources they currently have at their disposal.

Then, what is a technology solution?

A technology solution is a response to a business issue that cannot be resolved only through the support of available resources, and its main objective is to provide efficiency within the organization.

There are several classic company problems that can be resolved with technology solutions, such as:

  • Who has the latest version of document “x”?
  • Can you give me the contact information for customer “x”? What did you discuss with them? Do you have the latest e-mail?
  • I need to generate a quote. Do we have stock in the warehouse?
  • Among others.

To solve the problems mentioned above, there are already a number of different software solutions on the market that could make it easier to get the necessary information, facilitating internal work within the organization.

So, it is possible for you to notice a problem that could be solved by implementing some kind of technology solution, however, people usually think that these kinds of software require a dedicated IT team and involve administration costs that small organizations simply cannot afford. All of that has changed.

Microsoft and technology solutions

Microsoft is a software company you probably coexist with on a day-to-day basis thanks to their more well-known tools: Word; Excel; Windows, among others. However, Microsoft is a company that also focuses on technological business solutions.

Presently, there are a series of technology elements that should be indispensable for all companies, such as the following:


A company’s website is their calling card. Nowadays, every company needs a place to show-off who they are. Microsoft has the technology needed to host websites. Its name is Azure.


Online commerce is another capability a company can boast. It allows firms to enhance their customer base and have a store that’s open 24 hours-a-day; issues that can be covered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.


Customer management is a key area within an organization. It covers everything from the first point of contact with a potential client, to sales, invoicing and support. Microsoft has a tool to answer all of these needs, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Services.

In order to confidently say that you can implement “more” business solutions, you need a partner with experience in a variety of different business issues. AlfaPeople is Chile’s first and only certified partner in Dynamics 365’s most complex competencies (GOLD in CRM and ERP), making us Chile’s only point of reference when looking for a partner that can implement the entire Dynamics 365 Suite. We would like to extend an invitation to join us, so that together we can improve you key business processes.