A solution storm for a Public Sector in evolution
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Sep 29, 2016

A solution storm for a Public Sector in evolution

Oriana has been a public official for almost 10 years and the day I met her, she cancelled our meeting. I did not understand why until the following week when I returned.

It seemed like a normal day, until she got to her office when a leaf drifting through the wind floated through the window and landed at her feet. Upon entering she told me that she saw her computer wet due to the rain from the previous day. Her first impulse was to check if it turned on, but after several unsuccessful attempts, she thought about the report that she had made in an Excel file which her boss requested of her, and which was due that same day. She wanted to go to one of her colleagues for help, but she recalled that this file was only saved in one place, so she assessed her alternatives. One of those was to begin reviewing each of the emails to download the information received from the departments, She knew that this would perhaps take a week or a couple of days with help. Later she thought if she took the computer to the technology department they could recuperate the information, but considering the policies, response time and the degree of urgency, he would not receive help until the following day.

And as soon as I finished listening, I thought of the scenario that many officials experience in situations like these, A day that it wouldn’t matter if the institutions had the opportunity to have one solution to integrate their processes and allow measuring them and consulting online regarding its evolution, qualities that a system like Microsoft Dynamics AX, would have allowed Oriana to comply with the delivery of her report. She just would have had to seek out one of her colleagues to access the report from another computer and review the reports online.

And this is only one of the many benefits that Microsoft Dynamics AX offers to the institutions to boost their technological development and that seeks a solution that safeguards the integration of their processes from beginning to end, reinforcing the importance of controls and measurement, with ease of access to its information, its security and the support of compliance with the standards that regulate it.

Reviewing the amplitude and needs of these institutions, I discovered that Microsoft had surprised me with a robust and flexible design in areas such as:

  • The budget plan that requires the public institutions through a module of budget management that allows the different participants in the process to be involved with the flow of work, the use of Excel for income returns, which is oriented to administration not only in regard to the level of account balances, but also to lower them. And all in a single repository where you can easily access what you need.
  • It provides the tools for measurement and control of integrated business processes of purchasing, human resources, payroll, project accounting and budget.
  • It also has the ability to manage funds received by institutions for their operation and prepare financial reports showing the detail of the budget, with tools that only require you to connect and re-run the necessary report without having to merge multiple e-files and experiencing the same thing that happened to Oriana.
  • There is also an adaptation to International Accounting Standards for the Public Sector and the rules of the Comptroller General, with features such as definitions of accounting, compliance with IAS standards and the creation of various plans to manage both the budget and what has been accrued.
  • Management of Human Resources, which allows support processes from recruitment, staffing, training, performance appraisal, attendance control, development management and measurement.
  • A procurement process, with the use of reserves of expenditure and pre-expense reserves to manage budget commitments.
  • Audit module that allows for checks and reviews.
  • So I invite you to follow this blog, and discover as Oriana has, the solutions Microsoft Dynamics AX has developed for the Public Sector.