Satya Nadella’s Inspire 2019 keynote: All you need to know
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Aug 01, 2019

Satya Nadella’s Inspire 2019 keynote: All you need to know

The eagerly awaited keynote speech from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, which you can view in full here, offered not only many fascinating and playful insights into the technological possibilities offered by Microsoft, but also important strategic insights. Here we have compiled the most important quotes from his speech across various topics. You can also find a summary of his keynote speech here.

Satya Nadella on shifting priorities in technology investment:

“Ten percent is the percentage of GDP that tech spend represents by 2030. In fact, it’s around 5 percent today. It’s going to double by 2030 to 10 percent. That’s going to be a humongous number, $14 trillion is going to be the spend in technology.”

“It’s that other 90 percent of the GDP that’s all going to be digitally driven, software driven.”

Satya Nadella on technological trends:

“And we’re going to do that by riding what is the most – the most amazing technological change that I have witnessed, which is this intelligent cloud, intelligent edge era.”

AI and machine learning is being infused into every experience in a deep way, and you’re going to see a lot of that.?

“The experience itself is no longer bound to one device, it’s becoming multi-sense and multi-device.”

“We’re not stopping at the cloud. We’re taking the cloud to the edge with consistency, consistency in operating model, that means management security, consistency in the development environment and the tech stacks.”

Satya Nadella on data:

“50 billion connected devices by 2030, and 90 percent of the data that we have today was created in the last two years. That’s the explosion of compute and data, right?”

“We are building out a limitless data estate.”

?If you look at the types of data workloads today, you have millions of transactions, in fact trillions of requests per second. You need amazing capacity from an operational store perspective. You’re moving petabytes of data, a lot of it in real time, for your analytic pipelines.”

“It’s unlike anything in the past. It’s going to be fueled, every workload, every application is going to be fueled by data, and you need that scale.”

Satya Nadella on AI:

“We talked about the world’s computer, this limitless data estate. This is all a setup for creating AI and machine learning in your applications.”

“Our real mission is not about celebrating any of these big research breakthroughs, it’s about democratizing AI so that every developer can build out these applications. That means having the best, world-class infrastructure for training and for inference.”

“In the last year, one of the things that started to happen is assembling multiple models to put speech together with computer vision, put it together with machine translation. And once you do these multi-model trainings, you see some amazing, amazing things.”

“We have a new addition to the PowerApp family, it’s the AI Builder. It takes some of those magical AI Cognitive Services capabilities and brings it to any application that you may want to build.”

“With Dynamics 365, we now have these modular, modern modules for all of the functions, whether it’s sales, whether it’s finance and operations, support. [?] And one of the other things that’s happened in the last year is AI across all of these functions, in fact, there’s a complete new set of modules that are these insights modules.”

“You can predict your sales pipeline and drive sales efficiency. You can improve your customer service because of insights. You can improve your customer 360 view. These are all real insight modules that are part of Dynamics.”

“Data in one system is helping you optimize the outcome of another system. That’s what an AI-first company does, that’s what an AI-first software product does.”

Satya Nadella on Azure:

“That’s what’s leading to us building out Azure as the world’s computer. We now have 54 data center regions.”

“Every brand across every industry is on Azure. We have 95 percent of the Fortune 500 running on Azure today, and it’s amazing to see.”

Satya Nadella on Mixed Reality Cloud

“HoloLens 2 is an absolute breakthrough. It’s got twice the field of view, twice the comfort, we’ve also now built applications right into Dynamics 365 – Layout, Guides, Remote Assistance, Product Visualizer, these are all out-of-the-box applications that take advantage of this new medium, of mixed reality.”

“We’ve also built out a new service in Azure, Azure Spatial Anchors. The combination of Azure Spatial Anchors, applications in Dynamics 365, a device like HoloLens 2, and any phone with an AR framework can all come together to power this next generation of mixed reality apps.”

“So, you walk into the store, you put on a HoloLens or bring up your phone and you have an infinite catalog.”

“You’re not bound by space anymore. And that’s what the cloud enables. Think of that. Think about all of the business processes that would bridge what is physical, what is virtual, and is going to transcend space.”

Satya Nadella on enabling first-line workers

“[There are] two billion first-line workers and 77 percent of these two billion workers [?] feel they don’t have the tools.”

“We’ve always focused with our tools, the knowledge worker. But the real opportunity for us is to bring knowledge workers and first-line workers together to empower companies and people. And that’s what we’re doing with Microsoft 365.”

Satya Nadella on Microsoft?s Power Platform and its new app model:

“This new generation app model composes with everything that you have done in the past. That to me is the key of how we’re going to move tech intensity in every corporation, every company, every institution.”

“500 million new apps are going to get created in the next five years. Think about that, that’s more apps than in the last 40 years.”

“73 percent of the data, though, is still left unanalyzed because they’re all in silos in each of these applications.”

“It’s this dual challenge of how do we help create all these applications and then bring all the data together that’s inspiring us to build out the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 as the world’s connected business cloud.”

“When you think about this challenge of 500 million applications, we’re just not going to have professional developers to build these applications, so we need citizen developers.”

“Empowering citizen developers is what the Power Platform has been built for.”

“If you look at the architecture, it composes, it builds on Azure Services, it has this common data model, it has connectivity back to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 so you can think of all of the applications inside of Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 as micro services and data that’s available for any PowerApp developer.”

Satya Nadella on how Microsoft is going to help organizations master digitization:

“We have to come together to help every business become great at digital technology. That means we need to help them adopt the latest and greatest tech as fast as they can.”

Satya Nadella on trust:

“The decisions we make, the approach we have, the consistency of it over time is what’s going to really build trust.”

“We cannot ever have these states where we are thinking something, saying something else, and doing something else.”

“We have to treat privacy as a human right. We have to have end-to-end cybersecurity built into technology. We have to have both a set of ethical principles that guide our AI, but most importantly we have to translate that into engineering practices that are there, that are part of everyday engineering.”

Satya Nadella on increasing demand for and importance of developers:

“Tech hiring in the non-tech industry is growing 11 percent faster than the tech hiring in the tech industry.”

“In the auto industry this year, the number of software engineers is going to be 3X the number of mechanical engineers. That’s the transformation that’s taking place.”

“In a software-driven company what developers are doing influences every function: marketing, sales, finance, HR.”