Real Estate and the Age of Digital Transformation
AlfaPeople |
May 30, 2017

Real Estate and the Age of Digital Transformation

It’s astonishing how fast human interactions have changed, and so the behavior of people. Consumers demand new experiences every moment, which forces technology to keep up with the same pace, or is it just the opposite?

It’s in this context of Digital Transformation that companies need to accelerate their process of exceeding expectations. Yes, to exceed expectations, is what all customers expect from who is selling a product or service, and too bad if you choose to ignore the digital world.

The Real Estate market has experienced the same challenge many times, because often what is in negotiation is the future, either of who is buying a place to live or a place for its company.

In align with Microsoft’s strategy, it’s possible to list four major pillars of Digital Transformation that are also fundamental in the Real Estate Market:

Engage with your Customers

It’s essential to know your customer, know your expectations and behavior patterns. For this it is necessary to gain scale, maintain a rich database, and also:

  • Enable the 360 ​​vision and gain visibility of all your customer interactions, from the first contact (sales stand, launch event) to after sales, including technical assistance;
  • Predict all possible channels through which the customer will contact, especially in the Call Center;
  • Keep your customer data safe in the cloud.

Empower your employees

Understand how your employees perform the activities and how much time is spent on their tasks. In order to maximize the efficiency of:

  • Make marketing, sales and service processes more intelligent, intuitive and agile;
  • Enable the use of mobile devices in face-to-face sales and technical visits, with accessible data from anywhere;
  • Increase collaboration between teams, regardless of location.

Optimize your operations

More than ever, technology is the great competitive differential. Decrease the complexity and cost of IT. Ensure availability, security and intelligence:

  • Automate business processes, generate commercial proposals automatically, conduct purchase simulations;
  • Provide tools to employees (booths, devices and totems);
  • Automate interaction processes (relationship rules associated with the construction stages or service BOTs);
  • Concentrate and enrich your database (Social, Integrations with Legacy Systems, Analytics).

Transform your products

Creating new business models, being able to anticipate buying behavior and innovate in offerings are key factors for transformation:

  • Assess market needs through artificial intelligence (Azure Machine Learning);
  • Be able to monitor and analyze the data of clients to meet their needs;
  • Use state-of-the-art technology to protect the intelligence of your business.

There is no way around this transformation, the market demands it, and more importantly, customers are already waiting for it. Microsoft, with Dynamics 365, focuses on a single platform with all the tools you need to make this transformation happen. With the adherence of Dynamics 365 to the Real Estate Market, it’s possible to cover:

  • Land Bank;
  • Prospecting and Selling;
  • Construction and Merging;
  • Customer Service and Technical Assistance.

Get ahead when it comes to technology and relationship with your customers, transform your company!