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Public Sector

AlfaPeople firmly believes that the decisions of those in charge of government, cities and local authorities should always be made with the people in mind. Today’s most innovative technologies can be implemented to help this group of organizations to operate more efficiently as they work to create safer, healthier and more sustainable places for everyone.

The latest cloud and hybrid solutions by Microsoft, delivered by its partner AlfaPeople, are together a group of technologies that deliver citizen-centric services. These services can address many needs of the public, one of which is a demand for an increase in secure, engaging and widely-accessible web-based services that protect users’ privacy and increase transparency. Cloud technologies also assist public sector organizations to provide innovative, easy-to-use services to as many local businesses and residents as possible. This is achievable by implementing a highly reliable and robust set of platforms and data security architecture, while at the same time reducing or optimizing their cost base.

AlfaPeople helps public institutions and bodies to access and utilize new cloud capabilities to improve their performance for a variety of key functions, including public administration, tourism, recreation and culture, public safety and justice, education, energy and transport and social care.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits

  • Provides citizens with better information, support and service.
  • Increases efficiency in managing enquiries and appointment bookings using Citizen Services.
  • Gives a better understanding of the peaks and troughs of each service through smarter statistical analysis.
  • Enables citizens to self-serve through modern web portals, knowledge management portals and self-serve portals.
  • Allows you to build your own line of business applications on a modern relationship management solution with less platforms, leading to reduced IT costs.
  • Gives “out of the box” audit functionality and field-level security with every application built.

Dynamics AX benefits

  • Enables improved operational efficiency from purchasing, budget control, storage and accounting to the cost-benefit analysis for each of the financial dimensions defined.
  • Helps avoid gaps and reworking of the budget by incorporating traces of role-based security.
  • Provides ongoing interaction between different processes for optimal service delivery and implementation of plans, programs and projects.
  • Standardizes administrative processes, including financial and budget control.
  • Manages complex policies.
  • Increases transparency and performance.
  • Provides top of the line dashboards, KPIs and management reporting that allows users to make decisions in real time.

AMF benefits

  • Seamlessly integrate into your existing IT organization.
  • Rely on a dedicated team and not an individual.
  • Fast track user adoptions with our attentive and qualified support team.
  • Technical ownership ensures your solution is always stable and up-to-date.
  • Functional ownership ensures you’re always fully utilizing the standard functionality and are aligned to industry best practices.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal

  • Allows access to all citizens.
  • Provides consistent messaging across the application.
  • Reduces support costs and increases citizen satisfaction.
  • Reduces repetitive enquiries.
  • Delivers a consistent service to all members of the public across multiple channels.
  • Provides easy-to-access content in a knowledge center, available both internally and to the public.

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