Operational Sales Planning with Dynamics 365
AlfaPeople |
Mar 10, 2017

Operational Sales Planning with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers extensive options for optional sales planning. Effective visit planning must be ensured in order to increase the sales potential of your company. The basis for this is the classification of the field service into territories and market segments. A territory can be assigned different zip codes and responsible field service employees with Microsoft CRM. The division into sales territories improves the sales potential, since the employees are focused on sales in just this territory. Price lists and training required for these territories can be added to the respective territory. This makes work easier for the sales employees, because they can easily access the standard price lists of the respective territory. The standard price list is displayed to the employee when working on a sales opportunity and thus makes it easier for the field service employee to find the correct pricing.

Convert Relationships into Profits.

All sales products must be stored in a product catalog and the possible discounts must be stored in the CRM in order to implement optimal visit planning. This allows the field service employees to create the best possible offer for the customer. This also makes it easier for the sales employees to increase their sales. Dynamics 365 makes it possible to perform a price calculation via the definition of units in which the corresponding products are sold as well as the value of the product. In addition, discounts that are calculated based on the number of products purchased can be stored in the system. To increase sales, it may help to add all of the products that the customer needs to a sales opportunity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the option of defining product packages or product families here. This facilitates up-selling and cross-selling sales.

Territory Management

A territory manager can be assigned to every territory. This manager usually assigns the leads to the sales employees and bears the responsibility for achieving the company goals in the respective territory. The manager looks after his field service territory. Using a customized dashboard in Microsoft CRM, the territory manager can always keep track of the employee sales figures as well as the sales achieved per employee, which thus makes it possible for him/her to optimally respond to the respective situations. The manager of a territory can create a target-oriented status with the help of a report. Using the information in this report, you can see the extent to which the sales team has achieved the sales targets. This report contains a diagram of the set and actual goals.

Optimal Planning

The schedule overview in Dynamics 365 offers extensive options for sales planning and resource management. You have an overview of all of the main sales and cost information via the visual representation of the sales planning and estimates. The employee skills and their utilization are recorded via the intuitive resource management, which thus enables optimal planning. Employees can easily be assigned customer appointments by using “drag & drop”.

The field service employees are shown in the schedule overview together with all of the other important information, such as the site of deployment, utilization and planned deployment. Respond promptly to changes in business by moving or canceling the field service employee appointments with just a few clicks. Get an overview of your employees’ efficiency with the integrated resource utilization tool. You always have an overview of the deployment locations of your employees thanks to geo information and the graphic representation in the schedule overview. This makes it possible to create the best possible route planning, because upcoming customer visits can be concentrated on one route or in one region. This reduces operating costs and saves you valuable time.