Reach the next level in Retail with Microsoft Dynamics
AlfaPeople |
Apr 27, 2017

Reach the next level in Retail with Microsoft Dynamics

What happens when there is an investment in an ERP and the Company determines that they need to integrate a Point of Sale solution? Is necessary to start a selection and implementation process that is very likely to require custom adjustments and developments to cover the needs.

This is a scenario that is becoming more common every day, and throughout this process is important to simplify the integration without sacrificing the functionalities that the Point of Sale and the ERP possess, since these are of great importance and largely constitute the main reasons of why both were selected.

AX 2012 counts with a Retail solution that can be integrated in a transparent way with this ERP, that is not new. This solution has the advantage of having full connectivity with AX which provides a very wide range of applications and capabilities, in part, thanks to the “support” and stability that AX provides; however, that used to imply (that’s right, in past tense) that AX could exist without the Retail module, but not the other way around.

With Retail Realm Essentials Powered by Microsoft Dynamics (RRE), it is possible to offer a solution to the market that requires a high performance Point of Sale but that doesn’t require all of AX’s structure behind its Retail solution, either because of the size or complexity of the company doesn’t requires it, or because there’s already an ERP in place.

RRE, is a self-sufficient version of AX’s Retail module, and although it doesn’t have all of AX working in the Back-Office, it preserves all of the Retail capabilities and is fully operational. This allows for the Retail solution as well as the Point of Sale solution, to be implemented in a lighter and more simple way with the subsequent savings in time and resources.

Among the benefits obtained with the Microsoft Dynamics Retail platform, is the fact of being able to implement a mixture (if desired) or exclusively, the Enterprise Point of Sale or the Modern POS, which is a mobile solution for Point of Sale, and it can be implemented in tablets or phones with Windows Mobile operating system, as well as in desktop computers.

Additionally, in the actual retail market, loyalty is a trend that is gaining ground rapidly and every retailer needs to be able to offer its customers a program through which they reward their preference. AX 2012 for Retail as well as Retail Realm Essentials Powered by Microsoft Dynamics (RRE), offer the user a loyalty system that is flexible and easy to manage, giving the retailer a very valuable tool in the constant race to position on the consumer’s mind.

For last, is important to mention that this solution has the same “genetic code” as AX (an ERP that is very well known, and that has a great path in the market) which provides it the capability to escalate when required, into a “full version” of AX 2012. On top of that, is has a well-defined database structure that is very useful when it comes to integrating with ERP platforms that aren’t necessarily Microsoft’s.

Either with AX in the Back-Office or implemented on its own, the Retail and Point of Sale solution from Microsoft Dynamics, offers you and your company the key to stay competitive in the actual Retail market, equipping you with tools that will help you to maximize and manage more efficiently your company’s valuable resources.

Integrate the Retail and Point of Sale solutions from Microsoft Dynamics with your organization and take the next step in your business evolution.