CP Pump Systems implements Microsoft Dynamics AX
AlfaPeople |
Mar 09, 2015

CP Pump Systems implements Microsoft Dynamics AX

CP Pump Systems implements Microsoft Dynamics AX with AlfaPeople Switzerland CP Pumps AG with headquarter in Zofingen (Switzerland) decided, as part of the renewal of their IT infrastructure, to select the ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX. AlfaPeople Switzerland was entrusted with the implementation.

CP develops and manufactures intelligent, high-tech products used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, pulp and paper industries. In the area of sustainability, CP realised years ago that pumps carry a huge potential for saving energy and costs. The company has focused on energy efficient products and services and therefore optimised their hydraulic pumping systems and achieved an improvement in efficiency of up to 30%. CP has a network of representatives in more than 40 countries and generates more than 80% of their sales in the global market.

Efficiency can be increased not only in producing pumps, but also in their operational processes, so CP renewed its entire IT infrastructure. The core of the new landscape is Microsoft Dynamics AX. The established ERP solution, Dynamics AX, is already widely used by 20,000 companies and ensures more operational efficiency in all divisions.

AlfaPeople Switzerland implemented the new Enterprise Resource Planning software, with offices in 14 countries and more than 400 employees. We have the knowledge to integrate CP’s current and future requirements and successfully complete the entire ERP project.

Thomas Würsch, CEO of CP Pump Systems commented: “With AlfaPeople we rely on a trusted partner who has impressed us with their innovation, flexibility and understanding of our business needs. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we can make proactive decisions and can easily filter out the critical information that we need.

Hugo B. Kälin, Managing Partner from AlfaPeople Schwitzerland said: “Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful, comprehensive solution for Enterprise Resource Planning; it’s easy to learn, quick to use and provides significant benefits. Therefore, it‘s an ideal solution for CP Pump Systems as it perfectly adapts to the business activities and goals of the company. We are very excited about this collaboration and the trust that CP Pump Systems has placed in us.

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If you would like more information on PSA or CURE please contact us at uksales@alfapeople.com.