Corpoica chooses AlfaPeople as its ally regarding the technological change
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Mar 01, 2017

Corpoica chooses AlfaPeople as its ally regarding the technological change

The Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research, CORPOICA, is a non-profit decentralized scientific and technical public entity with mixed participation, whose purpose is to develop and carry out research and technology activities, and transfer technological innovation processes to the agricultural sector.


Due to the current technological platform that supports the mission and support processes, the company’s solutions are not aligned as well as duplicate data structures, functionalities in separate applications and little flexibility for the end user. Their strategic need to control all their research projects decided a technology route to support it as should be.

This is how the Corporation developed a technology model that seeks to align different systems and platforms to support its business and information processes, as a vehicle to align the organization’s strategy and its information technologies in a more structured and efficient way.

The objective of this technological route resulted in the definition of technological solutions including a world-class ERP solution that allows the integration and combination of services, to satisfy the business objectives, reduces implementation costs and facilitates the innovation of services to clients, allowing an agile adaptation to changes, thus ensuring the systemic evolution without incurring in unnecessary expenses and allowing, among other things, information traceability which prevents, in an comprehensive way, the duplication of data

The technological route followed by CORPOICA defined Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution because of its versatility and ease of integration with specialized systems, in such a way that it became the central core to control information, which leads to the best decision making.

CORPOICA found in AlfaPeople the key knowledge and support to carry out the implementation of Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Among the main characteristics that led us to be chosen in this process we have:

  • Pre-sales support in structuring the project, from 2014 to 2016.
  • Understanding the problems related to financial control, projects, supply, costing and integration with current projects (Planview, Coupa).
  • Knowledge and experience in AlfaPeople Colombia with an integral solution for Public Sector and Payroll.

This implementation includes integration of the different mission and support processes of CORPOICA, such as: Financial Management, Treasury Management, Management Human Talent including Payroll, Inventory Management, Sales Management and integration with Planview (for the management of Corporate research Portfolio and development projects system and COUPA P2P system (Procure To Pay) to support the procurement process.

It is a pleasure for us to share with our colleagues the closure of business with the Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research, CORPOICA, a strategic client of the Public Sector. With this client we continue consolidating as the Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Colombia specialized in technical companies of the Public Sector.