Microsoft Power BI: Eliminate Retail
Business Blind Spots

Can you see your entire retail operation – all the time?

Scattered data stored in separate silos or on employee hard drives overshadows your ability to:

  • Monitor your operations
  • Analyze your data
  • Make accurate tactical decisions
  • Respond to events in real time

Due to the fast pace of retail, now more than ever, retail operators need an instant, transparent view of their business. The AlfaPeople team can help put you in control of your data with a customized Microsoft business intelligence solution.

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Organize your data into one interactive dashboard
for ultimate retail management

Microsoft Power BI: Organize your data
  • Get everyone on the same page: Connect your employees — wherever they are — so they can work faster and better together.
  • Reduce the churn: Access real-time views of customer demographics and adjust marketing campaigns to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Understand the big picture of your business: See any report instantly — on your customized dashboard — and make decisions with complete confidence.
  • Compare stats with a touch: See your year-over-year sales growth metrics via streamlined visuals and layouts.
  • Manage your business from any device: Share live reports with your team via email and text message, anytime, anywhere.

Your AlfaPeople specialist can assist you and your team with the right Microsoft Power BI solution for your business.

Run your retail business with a 360-degree view

When you move your business to the cloud with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution by AlfaPeople, you get the Microsoft Power BI suite of reporting tools.

These business intelligence tools provide you with a full display of your operation, allowing you to easily analyze your sales, gross margin and variance, and new store performance.

With AlfaPeople’s expertise in Microsoft Power BI, you can transition to the cloud with confidence. We’ll help bring your operation’s data and people together in one place, so you can grow your retail business and bottom line.

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How AlfaPeople can help you get the most
from your data with Microsoft Power BI

Our expertise in Microsoft Power BI is second-to-none. Our status as one of the largest Microsoft experts means we deliver excellent customer service to ensure that clients’ requirements are met. Our teams combine business and technical knowledge with industry expertise, to provide outstanding results for organizations like yours that need to take the next step with their solution technologies.