Optimize Purchasing Processes, Inventories, and Transportation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesales and Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution companies face ever-increasing challenges: globalization; greater competition; demanding consumers and shorter operational timeframes. These variables force companies to handle processes in a centralized, online, smart and automated manner. With Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution, companies can optimize their purchasing processes, inventories, and transportation, resulting in better performance and satisfied customers.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Wholesales and Distribution?

  • Smart Inventory Management – Manage your warehouses, sites, and locations from Dynamics 365 in order to optimize shipping times, merchandise positioning, dispatch routes, picking and barcode readings to discount stock.
  • Cut Down on Costs – With a system that connects purchases, inventory, and production, you can control minimums and maximums in the warehouse, discounting the financial costs of your inventory, allowing you to keep a reliable, cost-accounted stock online.
  • Improve the efficiency of your supply chain – Truck fleet control allows you to prepare your shipments. Optimize each truck’s capacity and become more efficient when it comes to handling orders and delivery, always meeting timeframe commitments.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations and increase their level of satisfaction – Use workflows to manage approvals and business decisions, from initial picking to outbound picking, all the way to dispatch. Online, real-time control of each stage of the process enables you to anticipate any problem, ensuring you never let your customers down.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

Here at AlfaPeople, we are experts in the Wholesale and Distribution industry and we understand just how critical timing is. We also understand how important efficiency is when it comes to optimizing processes that are constantly subjected to pressure and demands.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesales and Distribution

Logistics Manager

Have complete control over your warehouse, including process implementation and review, the implementation of quality controls in packing and packaging, shipment and reception of materials/production. Review inventory status with automated workflows to improve the performance of your warehouse and optimize operations to reduce costs.

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Procurement Manager

Review your production plan and ensure the necessary resources are available. In addition, you can control inventory status to trigger manufacturing. Supervise, analyze and improve your production process from a single interface, in real-time and connected with sales, shipping, and customer service.

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Finance Manager

Save on costs and make better investments by knowing your inventory status and the resources you have for production. Anticipate production and procure your resources ahead of time to meet your customers’ demands and expectations.

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André Koch AG

“The implementation of the Dynamics CRM solution with AlfaPeople AG occurred very professionally and in a structured and competent manner. We were convinced of the partner’s competences in the CRM- and ERP-field in the shortest amount of time. For the successful future, you need successful partners!”

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Florian Stähli

Florian Stähli