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Faster, further and cheaper – the demands of customers are increasingly testing the operational capabilities of today’s wholesale and distribution companies. As the sector grows even more global and digital, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesales and Distribution addresses the industry’s major challenges with warehouse management and distribution software for improved fulfillment outcomes, streamlined and integrated logistics, and greater insight over all aspects of your operations – in particular, customer engagement.

“The implementation, training, and after sale support was amazing, and we have already engaged AlfaPeople to upgrade us to the next version, which happened seamlessly.  We trust their team and view them as an extension of our own internal resources.”

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At its core, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution is a powerful and customizable set of digital tools aimed at drastically improving the general efficiency of your operations. As a warehouse management and logistics software, Dynamics 365 empowers distribution and wholesale firms by centralizing data in a single, intelligent database for complete visibility and control over your products and services. Deliver orderly, omnichannel engagement for customers. Enjoy real-time insights and analytics over product performance and supply chains. Cut costs with automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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Intuitive control of all aspects of your operations

As an unrivaled software solution for warehousing, transportation, logistics and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 addresses the major challenges facing firms of all shapes and sizes in a digitized, globalized world. For operations across currencies, borders and brands, Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution unifies data and processes into a single interface. It empowers your agents to deliver superior customer engagement and streamlines processes aimed at ensuring precise control over stock and daily operations.

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Multiple, disconnected systems fuel data silos that weaken your capacity to manage stock and optimize customer engagement. This is a particular challenge for wholesale and distribution firms operating across sites, warehouses and even borders. Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution provides a single view of stock and customer behavior. Agents can make better decisions in real-time and develop stronger predictions of customer demand, while also enjoying greater precision and control for improved warehouse replenishment.
Dynamics 365 empowers wholesale and distribution firms with tools to automate key aspects of their business, including procure-to-pay and prospect-to-cash processes, as well as warehouse replenishment. Automation improves efficiency and cuts costs by freeing customer service agents to focus on high-value interactions and empowering sales with automated product recommendations and buyer profiling.
In today’s economy, price is no longer the go-to solution for improved profitability. Digitization has led to the creation of powerful wholesale and distribution software which can easily diversify your financial and commercial strategies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution connects purchases, inventory and production for cost-cutting and smarter decision-making at all levels of the supply chain.

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What’s life like on the Cloud?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a gateway for Wholesale and Distribution companies to access Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of assets, human resources and datasets. With Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud system) and Office 365, power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, offering users independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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