Microsoft Dynamics 365 for
Field Service

Unleashing the full force of technology for seamless,
integrated Field Service delivery

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Overview

Deliver enhanced field service solutions in an automated blink of the eye with IoT, machine learning and mixed reality tools. Boost customer satisfaction using self-service, omni-channel alerts and seamless scheduling and routing. Eliminate operational errors and unlock the true potential of your teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Integrate your operations with the technology of tomorrow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that injects new life into your Field Service operations. With a slate of customer-centric tools and technologies, your business can enter the digital era offering speed, quality and flexibility. Customers and an increasingly versatile, tech-savvy workforce expect nothing less of Field Service providers. Watch this short video to understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can work for you!

Video Transform field service with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Driving innovation in Field Service delivery

Leading global Microsoft partner AlfaPeople offers businesses of all shapes and sizes a range of implementation mechanisms and customizations to ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service works to meet your ambitious commercial and operational goals. Our experts across 14 countries see the big, global picture around digital transformation – and we’re here to put that insight and experience to work on your pathway to digital transformation.

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Did you know?

* Gartner, “Predicts 2019: CRM Customer Service and Support”, 13 December 2018.

Leading Field Service providers use Dynamics 365

Growing competitiveness among Field Service providers boils down to a difference between innovation or inaction. Which type of provider are you? With the digital era eating up businesses – not to mention entire industries – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides your customers with automated and self-service outcomes so your technicians can focus where their knowledge, experience and curiosity should be: on complex, high-stakes case resolution.

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Customer satisfaction is increasingly setting businesses, their brands and their bottom lines, apart from their competitors. With seamless service experiences fueled by integrated and state-of-the-state technologies like IoT, machine learning and mixed reality, Dynamics 365 Field Service allows you to accelerate Field Service resolutions and avoid tricky escalations. Customers can receive omni-channel IoT alerts, ensuring immediate engagement, while self-service portals allow them to monitor their devices and understand how you’re handling their cases.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is an integrated system of technologies and strategies for full, real-time insight into equipment, technician scheduling, routing, and customer engagement. With a slate of remote command and self-service tools, you can simultaneously cut costs while improving the integrity of your service. In an increasingly complex labor market, where technicians are hard to come by and ever harder to keep, Dynamics 365 also enhances the experience your teams have with customers by reducing unnecessary and cumbersome work.
One of the core benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is… well, it’s Microsoft! That means full integration with market-leading business technologies like Outlook, Excel and other CRM modules in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan. With D365 Field Service, you also operate securely on Microsoft’s Cloud, which is monitored and optimized around the clock. If that’s not enough, incorporate state-of-the-art add-ons or rely on support services like AlfaPeople’s AMS!

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