Meet Our Module Purchase Plan For Public Sector
AlfaPeople |
May 22, 2017

Meet Our Module Purchase Plan For Public Sector

General description

Given the variety of legal requirements concerning information management, control and projection of public sector entities in Colombia, Alfapeople Andino S.A. developed the Purchasing Plan module that allows managing and projecting in different periods the needs of inventories, supplies, fixed assets (investments) and services. The module´s right functioning depends on the Public Budget and Projects and Contracts modules, with which it integrates. The resulting process includes contracting, planning and execution of the public budget. It allows reporting to the control entities, essential to the Colombian public sector budgeting.

Detail of functional characteristics

There are different rules related to the procurement plan or annual procurement plan. However, the Guide to prepare the Annual Procurement Plan defines “The Annual Procurement Plan (Procurement Plan) as a tool to facilitate the Colombian state entities to identify, record, plan and make public their needs for goods, works and services; and to design contracting strategies based on aggregation of demand that allow to increase the efficiency of the contracting process”.

Based on this definition, the Purchasing Plan developed by Alfapeople Andino S.A. for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the following functionality:

  1. Integration to the inventory module to encode and classify goods and services according to their type, which can be done according to the classification recommended by Colombia Compra Eficiente, or according to the need specified by the state entity.
  2. Creation of several versions of the purchasing plan draft which allows to integrate the different entity areas.
  3. Integration with the Public Budget module to transfer the corresponding purchase plan in force into the preliminary draft.
  4. Integration to the module of Projects and Contracts to transfer to future validities/periods those committed items derived from contracts that extend to more than one validity, so the purchasing plan and the public budget will be up to date at that future validity, according to the contract.
  5. Integration to the Public Budget and Projects and Contracts modules in order to control the procurement plan commitment associated with each contract and budget record.
  6. Integration to Procurement and Supply and/or Accounting modules in order to control execution from the procurement plan.
  7. Changes to the purchase plan either by reclassification of item codes or budget modifications
  8. Integration to Public Budget and Project and Contracts modules to release or cancel budget records associated with the procurement plan articles.
  9. Modifications queries, from the public procurement plan or budget, which affect the purchasing plan.
  10. Integration to projects and contracts to look up articles associated with contracts in different periods, according to their status.


  • It allows to manage the purchase plan in force and helps planning within the different areas, along different periods depending on the status of the contracts.
  • It allows controlling the amounts committed in the budget and contracts, as well as the executed value. Checks that the planned and committed amounts on the purchase plan are not exceeded.
  • Supports reporting to entities such as the Comptroller. It is a vital tool for crossing data against the Budget module in order to get an adequate resources control.