Manage and simplify business operations at every level with Dynamics 365
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Jul 20, 2017

Manage and simplify business operations at every level with Dynamics 365

Traditional ERP and CRM systems with independent databases make it difficult for users to access and share data across all aspects of their business operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies those resources, creating new opportunities to accelerate a true digital transformation in your organization and maximize performance across every function. Marketing. Sales. Customer service. Field service. Physical and financial operations. And beyond.

Dynamics 365: Better by design

Three key aspects of Dynamics 365 make it a more comprehensive and cohesive enterprise-ready solution for intelligent business applications:

  • Unified ERP and CRM resources. A single database and the Microsoft Common Data Model let you share and compare ERP and CRM data in one view, across all applications. It gives everyone in your organization access to all the data that impacts their responsibilities.
  • Cloud-based accessibility and flexibility. With Dynamics 365, you get instant access to both historical data and cloud-computing resources that enable you to make more informed decisions. It puts more power at your fingertips, wherever you are, and whatever your role. And its pay-as-you-go model lets you match your costs to your needs by scaling up and back as demands grow over time or change seasonally.
  • Built-in analytics. Power BI (Business Intelligence) analytics incorporated into Dynamics 365 help you analyze past performance and model new approaches. Make more effective decisions across all aspects of your business – customer relationships, operating productivity, financial management, inventory, promotional efforts, and more.

Something for everyone

The core capabilities of Dynamics 365 enable all levels of management to access relevant insights for faster, smarter decision-making. Everyone has access to customizable dashboards and analytics that let them hone in on the data that affects their role in the business. And highly specialized apps available through the Microsoft AppSource extend the power of Dynamics 365 to niche tasks.

  • CEOs: Stay on top of everything, with summary and detail access.
    • Maintain top-line visibility over all measures of performance.
    • Drill down into specific aspects as needed.
  • CFOs: Make instant financial connections, with greater visibility.
    • View profit and loss across the entire business, or on a location-by-location basis.
    • Maintain ability to drill down into any specific transaction or sale, as desired.
    • Instantly tie all expenditures back to the general ledger, automatically.
    • Save on licensing fees and long-term maintenance expenses with a flexible cloud pay-as-you-go cost model.
  • COOs: Satisfy day-to-day requirements, in tune with daily activities.
    • Maintain greater visibility of the entire supply chain.
    • Reduce costs and minimize inventory shortages or overages with better options to manage sourcing, production, distribution, and logistics from a central location.
  • CIOs: Streamline IT system costs, management, and user adoption.
    • Reduce overall IT costs and the need to manage or maintain multiple systems.
    • Improve management of existing investments with a solid infrastructure of Microsoft technologies.
    • Create greater mobile accessibility for improved user adoption.
  • CMOs and CSOs: Test new tactics and track results back to performance.
    • Improve overall customer experiences through greater alignment among marketing, sales, and service functions.
    • Differentiate your business against the competition.
    • Gain better insight to make more informed, more profitable decisions.
  • Managerial and Operating Personnel: Easily update important details.
    • Automate tracking of all activities for better analysis of productivity.
    • Use any type of mobile devices, wherever you are, to update system data.
    • Customize dashboards and reports for monitoring task-specific needs.

    Protect your own interests

    Whatever the nature of your business, or your role in managing it, Dynamics 365 offers multiple advantages. Request a tour of Dynamics 365 capabilities to identify its benefits for achieving your personal responsibilities.