How to manage your academic resources with CRM?
AlfaPeople |
Mar 02, 2017

How to manage your academic resources with CRM?

As an admissions director I imagine that, in each period of enrollment, you seek to capture the greatest number of students, know the needs of that potential student and also make them feel important and that you are interested in their future… but how to achieve all that?

A good follow-up of the potential students, besides being superior to the competition in an efficient and personalized customer service, is definitely a favor point that tends towards their parents and future students, and will be the key to increasing enrollments.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is perfectly adapted to the educational sector and offers the possibility of increasing the number of registrations, having a follow-up of the students during their educational life cycle at the institution and why not, also once they graduate!

What can I have on my CRM?

  1. Grade history data.
  2. History of approved, ongoing and failed courses.
  3. Teaching staff data.
  4. Distribution of resources (classrooms).
  5. Structure of the courses.
  6. Registration process.
  7. Statistics for decision-making.

Imagine everything in one system! Do you think it’s impossible? It’s not, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

CRM gives you access to a student’s entire life cycle and makes it easy for you to create and feed graphs with information that allows you to make important decisions to direct your business strategy.

You can make mass mailings with just entering records in your CRM, so that the form of marketing is immediate and automated, you can also create your own campaigns for each start of the enrollment period.

Also the career fairs stopped being a headache because with or without internet connection, you can create your records in CRM and follow up, but… how? Here I explain:

  1. No internet connection: You can work through a free add-on that is installed on each user’s laptop, called Outlook Connector for CRM, which allows you to work in CRM from your Outlook without being connected to the internet (offline mode). You will have all the system data available to work without problems, and once you have it again, Outlook simply updates all the information in the CRM online.
  2. With internet connection: In this mode, you can count on several easily accessible alternatives to work with CRM such as a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, etc.

CRM offers flexibility, the reliability of offering available information 24×7, simplicity in its handling for a better adaptation to the end user and of course, the security of the information.

We invite you to discover Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tool that will allow you to have a 360° visualization of your future, new and old students.

Using CRM allows you to maximize your results in the short and long term. And if you ask yourself, if it’s difficult to implement a CRM project… The answer is: Not at all, it’s a very simple implementation!

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