Learn About the New Features of Dynamics 365
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Mar 28, 2018

Learn About the New Features of Dynamics 365

The Enterprise edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 currently available manages four evolving areas which are: Create Productive Experiences, Intelligent Information, Speed and, Simplicity. According to the focus around these areas, we have some new functional features in Dynamics 365, which we will detail below:


Power BI embedded reports with new modern designs for reports embedded in the Power BI application.

  • Financial reports: financial information with integrated analysis, graphics visualization and the possibility of following up to transactions (financial insights workspace), with reports such as balance and income statements.
  • Template for credit and collection: pre-configured analytics to ease and speed up configuration and customization.
  • Fixed assets report: forward view to the closing of periods, financial statements and fiscal reports. It contains information such as initial and final balances, valuation movements during the period, acquisitions and waste.
  • Improvement in the workspace of expenses: Added functionality to manage mileage, intercompany and daily expenses.


Improvements in warehouse management, release of formulas lines and material lists running a batch process, partial release of materials for production, better visibility to control material exceptions at warehouse processes (production floor management workspace).

In the Cooperation with suppliers agile providers integration, profile update and improvement in the response time and the quality of the RFQs data.

In the product configuration improvement in the user interface for configuration, easy to import/export (copy scenarios), optimized performance in master planning and BOM and better information on the status of products (PLM).


Improvements in the process of potential clients to the collection (prospect-to-cash: Carry out sales and marketing activities with Dynamics 365 Sales, and manage order fulfillment with inventory management with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, direct synchronization for some base processes such as accounts, contacts, and products.

In the integration scenario for project management (private preview), and carry out project and resource management activities with Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and project accounting activities with Finance and Operations


  • Copy of legal entity: Configuration copy from an existing legal entity to a new entity for rapid integration.
  • Optimization consultant (Optimization advisor workspace) and business processes analysis to find opportunities to optimize configurations and recommend solutions to allow improving the effectiveness of both achieving the business objective and the performance of the application.
  • In the Data packages: Demo data contained in data packages (LCS: global shared asset library) that can be edited and loaded through the solution’s data management framework.
  • AppSource: More than 150 solutions that grow rapidly.

Common Data Service

Gather Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure Active Directory data in one place. All this, so you can focus on Discovering Information, Creating applications for action and Automizing processes

Thanks to all these developments, we can now count on a more complete and efficient solution that will boost your company in the digital transformation.