It’s just so obvious! 4 reasons why Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes big business sens …
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Mar 25, 2020

It’s just so obvious! 4 reasons why Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes big business sens …

The tech community is busy talking about RPA, AI and Machine Learning and how this could be leveraged into real business value. It truly amazes me that not few organizations have invested in test automation for their standard business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 – these are often instead customized. It amazes me because the business value is so obvious!

I’ve written a series of blog posts on automated testing which is a part of our 20+ AMS services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will cover topics that highlight why you should consider Automated Testing for your organization.

The first topic we’ll cover is the 4 key business areas where you can gain value using AlfaPeople’s Automated Test service:

1. Increase the quality of the test

You are reliant on the test-capabilities within your staff with manual testing, and often it is the end-users who are performing the tests in Microsoft Dynamics 365. End-users often have extensive knowledge about the system but seldom with professional testing skills nor the desire to acquire them. It’s a task they have been asked to do beyond their normal tasks and they will treat it as such.

Using AlfaPeople’s Automated Test service you’ll only need the expertise to test a certain functionality once for creating the specific test case. Now, you have ensured that the same qualified test is executed every time, and this will have a huge and positive impact on the number of bugs you’ll experience in your Production system ? read more in the blog post “The ultimate Business Case for Automated Testing on Microsoft Dynamics 365” ? this is where the money is!

2.Improve the agility to deploy

Being able to deploy urgent fixes or changes into production is vital for your business continuity ? which again is connected to massive financial impact. You are reliant on the availability of people to test with manual testing.

The most common process is that IT performs the actual deployment on business applications and then the end-users, who are typically not a part of IT, will do the testing in connection with the deployment. But what if they are on vacation, are sick or simply assigned to other important tasks?

AlfaPeople’s Automated Test service removes this dependency and IT has full flexibility to run the test whenever it is needed. This will also have a huge positive impact on the reliability of your normal cycle. IT can run the test as many times as they like during the development phase, considerably lowering the risk of the final UAT returning a lot of bugs that cause postponements and stress.

3. Reduce your cost per deployment

It is a trend within IT operation across any technology or platform, that the number of deployments to production will increase. The era where both the platform vendors and business users would be satisfied with just a couple of updates per year has come to an end. Demands from both parties are much higher for IT to react, fix bugs or release an enhancement.

This makes it extremely relevant to look into the cost per deployment as a metric. Your cost is proportional to the number of deployments with manual testing. If you use 30 hours to manually test a release, then you will use 30 hours every time.

Automated Test allows you to decouple costs and the number of deployments. The more deployments you do the lower the cost per deploy, you’ll experience.

4. Increase your user adoption

Besides the increase in user adoption by simply providing a solution that is running and can be modified quickly, AlfaPeople’s Automated Test service is a great opportunity to sharpen up the information you pro-actively provide to users in the organization about upcoming changes. This will prevent you from a load of tickets to support since you’ll no longer release without proper communication.

Using manual testing you rely on a single user to update and educate other users on the specific changes and this is often not remembered, since it’s not a part of the tasks.

Using Automated Test, the process is clear! If the test automation scripts need to be updated in order to accommodate a change, the training material must be updated and existing users need to be alerted about the change.

I hope to have inspired you to read more about automated testing. Check out other blog posts in this series:

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