An investment in knowledge yields the best interest rates
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Mar 29, 2017

An investment in knowledge yields the best interest rates

Master the challenges in sales management with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The economic success of sales management measures can be analyzed and optimized with the extensive capabilities of the customer relationship management system CRM from Microsoft. This requires that all activities with which the economic success of activities in sales management can be measured and improved are recorded in the CRM system.

The Focus is on the Customer

Measuring the success of campaigns is essential both in B2B as well as in B2C business in order to develop suitable measures. Create campaigns in Microsoft CRM in order to support your business. Ensure that all of your marketing information and the related activities are recorded. Successes can only be measured later and the costs / benefit factor be evaluated with this information.

The basis for successful measures in sales is the collection and evaluation of information about your customers. How accurately do you know your customers and their needs? This data can only be used optimally if you record it electronically. Microsoft CRM offers plenty of “out of the box” features for this purpose. In addition to standard fields that the system offers, there are also various ways to collect and evaluate your data.

Good Planning is Half the Battle

Preparing for foreseeable and unforeseeable events is an important component in sales management. Link your existing data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and use it as an efficient tool.

Dynamics 365 offers the ability to use data from various sources like SharePoint, databases or folders as a basis for an evaluation. Thus, for example, you can use the weather forecast for your stores to place items such as umbrellas or bad weather gear in the front of your store in the event of a high chance of rain. This knowledge can also be used to actively appeal to your customers with corresponding campaigns. For example, weather data can be used to advertise appropriate sales items in particular.

Successfully Using Analyses

With Microsoft CRM, you can easily and efficiently analyze and plan sales potentials and sales targets. You have all important data in an overview by analyzing the sales opportunities. This data is necessary in order to increase your sales potential. Compare the actually achieved figures with the estimated figures of sales opportunities or advertising campaigns. All information can be processed further in the usual manner with Microsoft Excel online directly in CRM or using the export function in Microsoft Excel. Define business process flows and workflows in Dynamics 365 in order to automate recurring events to increase effectiveness and save valuable time.

Measure Success

Another important component of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is measuring success based on the evaluation of customer satisfaction and cost analysis as well as the performance evaluation of your field service employees. This data can be represented in graphical or tabular form in Microsoft CRM. You have an overview of your employees’ success through the classification of sales opportunities, offers and orders. Dynamics 365 supports teamwork. Thus not only can preparations for upcoming sales be assigned to individual employees, but also to entire teams. Various functions in Microsoft CRM can be used to make comparisons of field service employees, including the evaluation of total sales achieved and the evaluation of their customers’ satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers your business comprehensive opportunities for a customer-centric service and tailor-made solutions for companies. With Microsoft CRM, you have a powerful tool for effectively controlling your sales management.