Interview with David Bastidas
AlfaPeople |
Jun 28, 2022

Interview with David Bastidas

Chief of Systems of Arrocera La Esmeralda
Dynamics AX

In the 50’s, in Colombia began the history of the only rice mill that nowadays operates in Valle del Cauca. At that time Arrocera La Esmeralda was born, better known for its product “Arroz Blanquita”. With the highest quality standards, Arrocera La Esmeralda shows an outstanding position among local and foreign companies, with organic rice certifications, fair and responsible trade, blue planet award, among others. It is a benchmark in the industry as a company with high social responsibility, and always a leader committed to the social development of the region. Read more.

“The users are more committed to the company since they feel that they know in more detail the activities that the different departments must execute for the best of the company.”

What was the situation of the company before implementing Dynamics AX?

We used to operate different information systems, but Accounting was not integrated with other processes and, additionally, this flaw led to reprocessing issues to get to identify the necessary information in a specific point; therefore the systems information was not completely reliable.

What were your goals by implementing Dynamics AX?

Management integration with a comprehensive solution to speed up processes and direct access to all information in real time, to allow the manager’s office a quick and successful decision making. In addition, we can acquire a world-class software that help our organization to acquire the best process practices.

Which of the company needs did Dynamics AX solve?

Real-time information, consistent and unified, information reliable which allows to integrate all the company’s processes into a single solution that improves our response time.

Which of the solution’s functionalities are related to the needs of the company?

The implementation included all of the financial processes of the company. We are implementing financial, procurement and supply and production, commercial and logistics functionalities or modules.

How does the solution’s implementation benefit the company in the short and long term?

All our processes changed allowing us to be more organized and helped us to make decisions since we have reliable information in real time.

What extra benefits does the company get from the solution?

We seek to speed up all our processes avoiding the double processing of information as well as automating processes now submitted to track and control. Additionally, it allows us to be more competitive and gives us the possibility of having reliable information in real time for a correct decision making.

Please tell us about your experience with Dynamics AX

Very enriching experience, thanks to Dynamics AX standard we have been able to improve some of our processes. Thanks to Dynamics AX we have also been able to adjust our processes allowing us to acquire best practices which help us not to have reprocessing issues. We became a more efficient company and increased the users’ knowledge about our operation.

The users are more committed to the company since they feel that they know in more detail the activities that the different departments must execute for the best of the company.

What about your experience with AlfaPeople?

I am certain that this implementation with AlfaPeople has been very good, the staff assigned to us have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to carry out the implementation, in addition to the great commitment and support that they have provided in each of the stages of the project.

Which of your business area is the most benefited and why?

Accounting: The process that we use to handle before the implementation required a lot of manual work and a high possibility of making mistakes.

Purchasing: Because the solution that we had been using before the implementation did not allow a detailed control of the process.

Production: Because before the implementation we did not have a real management on our production costs and we had a lot of problems with the inventories.

Commercial: Because they are able to get their clients’ information in real time, the portfolio in real time and make accurate decisions in real time.

Would you please quantify in money/time the savings on your costs/expenses by the implementation of our solution?

We do not have a savings estimates yet; because it’s being a short time since the implementation of Dynamics AX; but we look for a more detailed follow-up on the company’s expenses. We are in the search of reducing those expenses originated in reprocessing of the Information after suffering for not having an integrated solution.