How Microsoft’s business technology revolution is transforming the public sector with Dynamics 365 Finan …
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Mar 27, 2020

How Microsoft’s business technology revolution is transforming the public sector with Dynamics 365 Finan …

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (previously known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations) is a digital business solution that drives increased productivity and collaboration to simplify organizational processes. But the benefits of Dynamics 365 are today reaching well beyond the private sector!

For public agencies and businesses, Microsoft?s premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology ? Dynamics 365 Finance ? helps to integrate accounting, contracting, payroll, and the annual procurement plan (APP) modules, among others. Combined, these tools allow organization to intelligently evaluate, manage and control processes for greater efficiency and productivity.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the APP module, which facilitates the management and control of project execution and contracting.

How does Dynamics 365 Finance’s APP module work?

The main objective of the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) is to define the input needs (goods, services and works) of an organization in a given period of time, in addition to specifying how much of the budget is needed and when.

AlfaPeople has designed 3 modules that complement and benefit the public sector in this regard. These are:

  1. Purchasing Plan Module which allows to closely monitoring the planning, execution, and visibility of different APP versions to track changes made during the validity term.
  2. Public Budget Module is a planning instrument expressed in financial terms which reflects the expenses, income and sources of resources that a public sector body will have during a given period of time (validity) based on specific policies that arise from defined objectives from each of the interacting areas.
  3. Projects and Contracts Module allows for the monitoring of state-tendered projects and contracts.

Finally, to the benefits that public sector companies gain with implementing Dynamics 365 Finance! These include:

  • Plugins and integration such as with Office 365, connection to Power BI for data analytics, code-free development of app with Power Apps.
  • Modules that are configurable and tailored to the needs of any public sector client, thanks to Dynamics 365 configuration, queries, reports and main forms.
  • As a vertical solution, Dynamics 365 allows organizations to improve operational efficiency, from purchase, budget control, data storage and accounting records and even profitability analysis for each of the defined dimensions or variables.

Do you belong to a public sector company interested in empowering your organization with Dynamics 365? Contact us to speak with our team of expert consultants in the public sector.

Success story:

Learn how public entity Caldas Liquor in Colombia succeeded with Dynamics 365:
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