How CRM Drives Sales
AlfaPeople |
Feb 18, 2016

How CRM Drives Sales

No business survives long without knowing exactly what their customers want and how to manage those relationships. While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a relatively new technology in the business management field, it is not a new concept by any means. The new CRM software is really just a streamlined and more complete way for businesses to survey their customers and drive sales through more effective sales pipeline management.

Better Marketing

CRM is designed to track what customers are buying and when they’re buying it. This information can also be used to determine major events that impact purchasing, what demographics are most likely to purchase and more. All of this information, presented by the right CRM system, becomes a valuable tool that can further improve your sales and marketing efforts to reach the right audience that is most likely to turn into paying customers. Your marketing dollars will be better spent as you pre-screen and hone in on real potential customers instead of spending too much on campaigning to people that aren’t interested.

Better Products

With such a wealth of information provided through CRM, your overall business operations will also see improvements. You will be able to provide better products to your customers as you get to know the features that are most important to them, and align your business around serving them in the way your customers prefer to be served. By coordinating all of your processes and quality standards around the customer’s needs first, each individual team within your business will have a clearly defined goal that they are working toward as a cohesive unit. This prevents disruptions and setbacks that often occur when purchasing is not on board with production, or sales is not communicating with customer service. Since all teams will have the same complete package of information to work with, they will have a better idea of how each decision they make impacts the other departments, and leave plenty of room for everybody do their own jobs in a better way.

Better Support

Of course, nothing is quite as frustrating as making a purchase and then finding out that the company in question doesn’t stand behind their products if something goes wrong. Since you can’t possibly foresee or avoid every single issue that will arise, it is highly important that you take steps to ensure customers that they are valued and that you will handle their complaints quickly and with satisfactory results. CRM provides you with the ability to track customer interactions, manage follow-ups with them, get feedback from them after they have used your customer service lines and more. By preventing customers from falling through the cracks and checking in with them on a regular basis to make sure that they are still satisfied with the service they received from your company, you will build brand loyalty for life.

Through CRM you are able to target your audience directly, and gather valuable information about what they expect from your company and the way they want their products and services packaged. You can then use this information to create a more concise business strategy and marketing plan that is aligned with your customers needs. The right CRM system will position your company at the center of everything your customer wants.

Once the initial contact is made, you will have the ability and infrastructure set up to nurture customer relationships towards ongoing sales and potential referrals.

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