The evolution of the world of Retail with Dynamics 365
AlfaPeople |
Jun 02, 2017

The evolution of the world of Retail with Dynamics 365

Have you noticed how fast retail trends change nowadays? Is your company ready to stay in the competition and being profitable? On the modern world is of utmost importance to stay updated and efficient, while searching for constant growth on sales.

On the Retail field, this means that you need to keep an agile platform that allows growing along with the market trends, as well as with the new technologies, seeking to integrate the advancements in both areas in order to obtain the best solution while keeping the consumers interested with an offering of quality and innovating products and services.

Answering to that search for innovation and improvements on the Retail platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a Retail module which provides functionalities that are of great use for the retailer. Along with the benefits of a cloud platform, it includes the Enterprise (standard POS) and the Modern POS (mobile POS).

Which are some of those new functionalities brought by Dynamics 365 Retail?

Advanced warehouse management in a retail store: Allows to perform functions from the Point of Sale related to warehouse management on WHS-enabled (Advanced Warehouse Management) stores, such as inventory lookup available at warehouse level, using the POS to process the reception of transfer-in and purchase orders, and use the POS to process product shipment, allowing to choose from where the shipment should be sent, o where the product should be received.

Enable seamless omnichannel commerce: It refers to the management and processing of orders through a variety of channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, call centers and even a mobile commerce app.

Extensibility: The existence of a Retail SDK (a Software Development Kit for Retail) widens the possibilities of customization for a tighter fit to the customer’s need; besides, its implementation and maintenance is simplified thanks to the componentized packages of Microsoft components and ISV packages for the POS, Retail Server, Databases, Hardware Stations, etc.

Personalized product recommendations: Retailers with big product catalogs will find this very useful, making it easier for the buyer to see products matching its interests based on its own purchase history.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Retail Modern POS: In this version Retail Modern POS has been turned into an app for Universal Windows Platform, allowing the Retail Modern POS to run on any Windows 10 device (desktop, tablet or phone).

Dynamics 365 Retail marks a start point to the modern concept of what a retail solution should be, with the appeal of being a solution 100% cloud native, allowing you to process transactions directly where the buyer is, but retaining also the capability of running on a traditional store environment, or in a mix of both if required. This solution opens a whole new horizon for retailers and consumers.

Contact us and don’t let your competition pass you by! Secure yourself a place in the new Retail horizon by implementing and integrating Dynamics 365 and its Retail module.