Modernising Call Centres With Collaborative Customer Interfaces


  • Harnessing customer engagement analytics to enhance the delivery of service
  • Understanding end to end customer journeys with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • AlfaPeople’s call centre solution overview and Key Retirement Group case study.


How much time is wasted in your call centre as customers are ping-ponged between departments gathering duplicated information, asking the same questions and as a result not delivering the level of service that customers expect?

In this webinar, the team from AlfaPeople will discuss what is expected of the modern call centre and how Microsoft Dynamics 365, coupled with AlfaPeople’s Call Centre Solution can empower businesses to deliver an elite level of service. This is achieved through customer journey analytics, customer engagement centre interaction analytics which in turn, increases efficiencies by up to seven minutes per call (Key Retirement, 2017 Case Study). Drawing on the call centre project AlfaPeople delivered at Key Retirement Group, this webinar will focus on value of the solution with regard to how it integrates to the customer journey, can impact your business, increases customer knowledge and reduces time/effort costs.

Who should attend this Webinar?

Recommended departments for this webinar: IT Management, Business Development, Service Delivery, Support Services.

Relevant Industries: Financial Services & Banking (Case Study Focus), Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Public Sector, Professional Services & Managed Services.

Will this Webinar be available on demand?

Yes. This webinar will be available on-demand within a week.

Will I get free popcorn?

You sure will. Someone from our team will send you an email once you have registered to save the date. To claim your popcorn, all you need to do is reply with the address of where you will be watching from. Please note that this address will not be used for any purposes, other than sending you popcorn.

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