Disrupting Financial Services
with Customer Centric Technology
Morning Session


There is a great opportunity in Financial Services for disruption, with the rise of challenger banks, smarter service and software that empowers customer autonomy. With this has come a unique form of competition across Financial Services, where customer centric technology is paramount to successful digital transformation.

In this workshop brought to you by AlfaPeople and Microsoft we will explore the role of modern IT as an engine for customer centricity. We will then discuss Key Retirement’s digital transformation story (as seen in Business Review Europe).


  1. Welcome
  2. Current state of modern IT in Financial Services
  3. Round Table Discussion: What’s blocking innovation?
  4. Break
  5. Cloud as a Digital Enabler
  6. Round Table: Where is the opportunity for disruption in Financial Services?
  7. Key Retirement Success Story: Driving customer centricity through digital transformation


Tammy Briggs
Tammy is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 demo expert. Previously, Tammy has worked as part of the development team at Metro Bank, assisting with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and supporting their digital transformation journey. At AlfaPeople, Tammy works with customers to help them understand the value of technology in their business. Drawing on his experience in Financial Services and Banking, in this workshop Tammy will talk through some of the technological trends and notes of innovation in the industry.

Sheryl Netley
Sheryl has an in depth understanding of how the principles of ITSM have changed with the advent of modern, increasingly Cloud based technologies. At AlfaPeople, Sheryl has risen to the title of being our modern service management expert, focusing on integration between the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Provance, whilst linking this marriage of technologies to the underpinnings of digital transformation. In this workshop, Sheryl will discuss how Cloud works as a digital enabler for Financial Services and impacts the customer experience as well as the wider enterprise.

Andy Elsmore
Andy is the Principal Developer at AlfaPeople, leading development on a range of projects including Key Retirement. Andy’s extensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics and the deployment of both public and private systems, empowers the team at AlfaPeople to deliver projects at the highest degree of excellence. Andy will provide an overview of what we did at Key Retirement and discuss how digital transformation empowered their position as a truly customer centric organisation.

Who is this event for?

This event is best suited to IT Managers, IT Directors and leaders within the digital transformation journey of Financial Services organisations.

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