Interview with Emilio Casa
AlfaPeople |
Jun 24, 2022

Interview with Emilio Casa

Dynamics 365 Sales

COBISCORP is a multinational banking software company based in the United States. The COBIS (Cooperative Open Bank Information System) software has more than 70 financial institutions and we have more than 500 technology specialists. COBIS partners with financial institutions to identify technological needs and sophisticated financial software to meet those needs.

Prior to the implementation we wanted to know and share the client’s expectations:

Why did you choose AlfaPeople as a solution provider for Dynamics 365 CRM?

We decided to work with AlfaPeople on this project because of their regional presence. Although Dynamics CRM is implemented locally in Ecuador, our implementation of Dynamics AX is more extensive. Having a partner that has certified products and local presence in almost all of our networks allows us to create a migration roadmap of our entire Dynamics infrastructure to the cloud.

What is the situation of the company before validating the implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM?

Currently, we have a single implementation of Dynamics CRM at our data center facilities in Quito. All services are consumed locally and also via internet. We are approaching the end of product support, and at the moment we don’t have the support of a CRM partner. We saw the opportunity to migrate the platform to Dynamics CRM online and with a specialized partner who works with us in developing and supporting the tool.

What requirements does the company have?

Accessibility, data quality and integration. It is important that the platform has good service availability and that the information has integrity. Current reports require a lot of manual activity to meet our needs, and we hope that the new version will help us solve these problems.

What are the functionalities of the tool that AlfaPeople will implement for your company?

The migration of the 2011 version to the Cloud version with all the processes, reports and current flows.

How will the work be developed for implementation?

An AlfaPeople specialist will work directly with Pablo Toapanta, our technical specialist and project execution manager. Project supervision will be done periodically, from both COBIS and AlfaPeople, to ensure times and deliverables.

What are the benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Take advantage of all the tool’s new features in its latest version and integrate the platform with Office 365. In addition, we want to make it the first milestone of success to continue in the future with migrating Dynamics AX to Cloud.

What is the benefit to your company when working with a CRM in the cloud?

Mainly, it allows us to free up many maintenance tasks that are now Microsoft’s responsibility. This also allows us to have test environments for our developments, and to use the versions of the tool for different mobile devices.

What is the area of ​​the business that will benefit?

Mainly the Commercial area. However, there are other areas (including their Vice Presidencies) that use the CRM reports for their respective projections and management, including Engineering, Finance, and Marketing.

How was the pre-sales and sales service offered by AlfaPeople?

Good. After several talks, they were able to understand how important the project is for us and what it represents for both companies. The long-term relationship has been thought of more than in a specific project. The flexibility of both sides helped the project be approved in the COBIS portfolio committee, which oversees all of the organization’s initiatives. Hopefully, the success of this project will allow us to take the next steps in the roadmap that we have in mind for the entire Dynamics suite.

How does this implementation contribute to the business vision in your company?

Our business process maintains its complexity. Having important financial institutions as clients means that our Commercial team have to keep track of all the opportunities that are generated, and that the Marketing team help with management on all fronts. Having online CRM undoubtedly allows our relationship with different value networks to be strengthened, remembering that our focus on products and services has to be based on the relationship with our customers.

When I talk with the main executives of the company and the areas involved in this project, I realize that these concepts are shared by all of them and our obligation is to provide them with technological tools that make their goals viable. I feel that Dynamics 365 is the tool that will really bolster all their work.