The effective use of customer programs in retail business
AlfaPeople |
May 10, 2017

The effective use of customer programs in retail business

Do you have your loyalty card with you?

Over 90 percent of all people in Germany use one or more payback cards and the associated loyalty or customer programs. Germany is a country of bargain hunters and collectors of loyalty points. Take advantage of the benefits that your bonus programs offer you in your company. You will increase your customer relationships and your sales with the extensive opportunities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AlfaPeople.

Sustainable customer loyalty

Would you like to increase your sales or have you lost customers to the competition in recent fiscal years? Put an end to this by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 combined with the special industry solution of the AlfaPeople partner Porini. Set yourself apart from the competition with your offers and not only focus on increasing your attractiveness and profitability, but also focus much more on the customers themselves. Address your customers’ needs and interests. Dynamics 365 makes it possible to differentiate between the different needs of your customers. Get to know your customers, because an effective customer relationship and loyalty are only created if their needs and requirements are exceeded. The core question of what data has to be collected in your company in order to realize a successful program should not be considered too narrowly. You can only get to know and understand your customers better if you have the right data. The analysis of how the bonus program is accepted and used by your customers is crucial to the success of loyalty programs. This allows you to get to know the behavior of your customers in more detail and to better utilize the program to meet their needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing will help you to record and evaluate the data accordingly in the process. Depending on the requirements, you have various views of the collected data available to you. You can evaluate and reuse your customer data thanks to the extensive reporting functions.

Making a success a breeze

Would you like to increase the success of loyalty programs that are already in use? Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help you to do that. The comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft CRM will help you to implement focused objectives. Pure discount campaigns and collecting so-called loyalty points are often not enough to achieve your project goal. Increase efficiency by actively integrating your customers in the program. You can achieve this by using a game in combination with the loyalty program. There is nothing more boring these days than sending the tenth collector’s card to the customer. A program has to be made interesting in order to increase the order volume. Games are suitable for this purpose, because they provide incentive to reach the next level or stage. So link your loyalty programs with a game. One scenario could be reaching a higher game level, which is then rewarded with special promotions or bigger discounts. The players have to notice and feel the added value. Reward players by advertising a new customer with a special promotion, such as an order with free shipping or access to special events of your company. It is important here to present the entire program in an interesting way or in a way that is tailored to your company. Your customers should identify with your company. You bind your customers to your products and your company with personal emotions and positive experiences. Ideally you will attract even more new customers. AlfaPeople will help you to effectively implement the loyalty programs in your company and increase your level of success.