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Our comprehensive health check involves an intensive review of your system to spot vulnerabilities, performance and application risks. It includes a scorecard showing the state of every key area, and a prioritized list of recommendations to boost the steadiness, dependableness, and overall performance of your system. We offer a transparent image of the health of your system, areas for improvement, and uncover potential performance risks.​

  • System Health Check – Evaluate system performance and resources​
  • System Audit – Identify and resolve setup and data problems​
  • Development Audit – Identify issues with coding and interface logic​
  • And more!

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A couple questions to assist in determining if it’s time for your organization to bring in outside experience to conduct a system health check:

Is your system experience different from what it used to be, when first implemented?
Have there been changes in business requirements as a result of structural growth, employee turnover rates, or rising market trends?
Are there acknowledgeable performance complications associated with system hardware, design or customizations?
Is there a perceived loss of productivity as a result of inconsistent operations or tedious, labor-in depth workarounds?

Why AlfaPeople?

AlfaPeople is Microsoft Gold Partner with over 10 years of experience in Enterprise Technology and implementing Dynamics solutions. Our deep experience enables us to customize a specific approach based on your industry and business requirements. ​

Specializing in implementing, integrating, optimizing, and maintaining ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technology, our team of expert consultants is ahead of the game when it comes to deep knowledge and best practices. And because they work entirely in a Microsoft environment, they can quickly tell if the trouble is located in the ERP or related to SQL Server, SharePoint or some other application program from Microsoft or another vendor.

Meet one of our industry experts:

With +25 years in the enterprise business solutions space, Erik Hoiden has a proven track record of advising Midsize and Enterprise companies. With a determined focus on the overall strategy and solving process issues before diving into solutions, Erik has advised many organizations to a positive return on investment on their business software projects. Domestic and global companies like Tommy Hilfiger, CHANEL, Cole’s Liquor, Soriana, Tempur Pedic, Paul Mitchell and many more have benefited from working with Erik.​

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