The digital transformation in government
AlfaPeople |
Sep 14, 2017

The digital transformation in government

Governments are continually under pressure to deliver greater value to their citizens, businesses, and communities but digital transformation can help with it.

Many governments find their financial and human resources are under new and increasing pressures from changing demands and an aging and diverse population. Some governments, particularly in cities, are experiencing unprecedented growth in population as people migrate to find new and better opportunities for jobs, health, and education.

So how can cloud technology help governments find solutions to challenges and better meet citizen expectations? While governments have been seeking solutions to these challenges, some have been taking advantage of the rapid advances in cloud and mobile computing, big data, and analytics, to begin to change the face of their government. These forward thinking agencies are looking to leave behind old manual legacy processes, disparate systems, and paper-based methods. They are working towards a digital future enabled by technology as the catalyst for new business and government models, services and citizen experiences and thinking about their digital transformation.

Microsoft has identified 4 key focus areas as the core drivers for a digital transformation roadmap for governments. These pillars help describe the tangible benefits of digital transformation putting them into the context of digital government.

Engage your citizens

Governments can now engage with citizens at scale through connected mobile services to better understand citizen needs and increase satisfaction and participation in government. This enables governments to successfully enact mobile citizen services and interact with citizens on a security enhanced, mobile, government-grade platform.

Empower government workers

Government employees are now able to do their best work when mobile to increase productivity and team collaboration. Microsoft Cloud technologies enable personnel to connect with colleagues and file reports from the field, gain access to real-time case information and meet and work as a team to develop strategies – without sacrificing security and compliance.

Optimize government operations

Trusted cloud services and solutions can help optimize government operations to promote cost and operating efficiencies. Microsoft is focused on delivering a flexible, integrated and trustworthy choice of cloud and productivity solutions for government, helping to address all the key transformation challenges agencies may face delivering improved citizen outcomes.

Transform your services

With digital transformation, an agency now has access to vast quantities of data from processes and the Internet of Thing to produce actionable analysis, insights and better decision making that can improve operations and indicate new service opportunities. Data can now grow in value as governments take advantage of self-service data analysis tools that enable anyone to work with virtually any type of data in new and insightful ways.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help governments achieve their digital transformation whether the priority is on citizen engagement, worker productivity, cost efficiency or better insights into data, leading to new service improvements and innovations.