Find out why colombian companies like cloud
AlfaPeople |
Oct 17, 2017

Find out why colombian companies like cloud

Do you already know trends in business management? Discover why ERP Cloud technology overcomes changes and evolves to offer new strategies such as the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, that is a trend in the digital economy.

When a change comes to the IT scene, it is not always clear to get to know the characteristics, functions, advantages, and implications of new trends. Now that Microsoft offers the Dynamics 365 system as a trend for business management, we invite you to learn about the features of this system.

Nowadays we are through a transcendental change. Employers offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely or coworking, this would not be possible without digital technology wide range, that today invites us to adopt new lifestyles and work.

This is how ERP Cloud Dynamics 365 software becomes a digital transition useful tool, and these are some features that demonstrate why teleworking is more and more accepted in companies:

1. Modern best practices.

Besides of being an efficient option to manage information, companies find in the ERP system, solutions to manage accounting, financial planning, and analysis (FP & A), risk management, planning, tax reporting, financial closings, marketing, among others. In addition, communication with suppliers and customers plays an important role.

2. Optimization of inventory

ERP Cloud Dynamics 365 software can help you to get excellent results in controlling your inventory. Now the automation allows reducing time and effort in stock control. This is why companies rely on the dynamic processes that the system offers to evaluate sales by day, week, month and year, and in addition, accounting is accurate.

3. Saving of time and processes.

The ability to adapt to changes is the key to your business intelligence, and this is why ERP is a tool that helps to harmoniously manage processes that previously required time, space, money and effort. Now the world is moving to digital technology and that is how companies have achieved it.

4. Business Performance Management.

Using ERP Cloud Dynamics 365 you can empower your employees for the digital economy. This tool contributes to productivity, information, and communication between collaborators. The For Talent option offers a new way of operating Human Resources since you can connect through professional networks like LinkedIn and attract the best talent to your company.

5. It’s efficient for small, medium and large companies.

This is one of the most important benefits since the size of your company is not a relevant element to consider when getting into the digital world. The ERP Cloud Dynamics 365 system is a tool that through automation, facilitates managing processes of companies. It is modern today and shall be in the future since its adaptations are thought in the development of the company.

The future is now. The scenario of the digital economy constantly changes and trends are not only offering production savings, but they are simplifying processes and contributing to corporate social responsibility. This is why we invite you to know and take advantage of the benefits that the ERP Cloud Dynamics 365 system has for you and your company.